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Here’s How An Heirloom Engagement Ring Could Be The Ideal Choice For You

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What better way to propose to your beloved than with a ring that has been in your family forever. 


Heirloom engagement rings have a distinctive vibe to them, which makes them more special than any extravagant ring on this planet. It could either be a ring that comes from your family or one that has been in her family for a while. Both ways you will be able to give her something special, something she will always hold close to her heart. 


The other perk of having an heirloom engagement ring for your big day is that you will be able to cherish your bond through a more vintage and traditional conduit. Heirloom engagement rings are also more sustainable as no new metal is eradicated to design them if you are one of those environment-conscious brides this would be a perfect choice for you. If you don’t have an heirloom ring in your possession, you can get one from a diamond pawnshop of your choice. 


If you don’t want yourself coughing up ridiculous amounts of money on an engagement ring, below are the reasons that will help you decide if you should or should not propose with an heirloom ring:


If The Ring Comes From Her Family 

  1. If the ring belongs to her ancestors she might want to retain its original essence, and would not want to make any major changes to the ring, which is a win for you.

    2.If she needs to alter any element on the ring she will be the one initiating it, so you would not have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

    3.You would not have to face the jitters of ring shopping all by yourself if you have the option to propose with an heirloom ring.


Moreover, vintage engagement rings are of great value if you are looking for a jewelry loan near me. You can pawn your heirloom ring, and with the loan amount buy a new one if you wish to in the future. 


If The Ring Has Belonged To Your Family 

  1. A ring that has been part of your family for ages can instantly make her feel accepted and loved once you propose to her with it. If you feel like an heirloom ring will justify your love for her better than a store-bought ring, go for it.

    2. Heirloom engagement rings are a great way to make her feel beyond special. Moreover, she will be getting an extraordinary ring to cherish for a lifetime.

    3. You will be free to make alterations to the ring at your convenience.


You can visit any reputable jewelry store in Pittsburgh to restore or appraise your heirloom engagement ring before the proposal, to make it look as refined as possible.

If It Is From A Jewelry Store


  1. You can get an heirloom ring at a much more reasonable price if you buy it from a stranger or from a jewelry store. Heirloom engagement rings are generally restored well so you would not have to spend excessively on them.

    2.Heirloom engagement rings are usually cherished by a series of people before it reaches you and therefore, you get to keep the memento of every beautiful relationship with you till you pass it on to someone else. 


Jewelry stores in downtown Pittsburgh are known for their collection of heirloom engagement rings. If you don’t wish to spend two months' worth of your salary on an engagement ring, you can freely, without hesitation opt for an engagement ring and get an appraisal according to your preferences. 

Broff’s Diamond & Loan Co. is a trusted pawnshop and one of the best places to get your heirloom engagement ring. They have various people coming to them for buying and selling of jewelry and therefore they might help you find a perfect heirloom ring for your dream proposal. You can also take their help to guide you in the right direction, given their knowledge and expertise in the area.



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