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Although I first became aware of influencer marketing in 2013, it wasn't until 2015 that it started to gain traction as an earned media tactic. An entire set of tools have been created to help influencers be identified, managed, tracked, and reported on. It's become a part of the marketing mix, but some people see it as a complete and sustainable strategy for digital marketing agency in delhi.. 

Influencer marketing interest over time This article features one company that has used influencers to help with all its marketing for digital marketing agency in delhi. It's a unique approach. This is the first time I've ever seen a company use influencer marketing in this manner. I spent an entire day interviewing its CEO. 

His insights serve as a guideline for future strategic influencer marketing deployments for large and small companies in digital marketing agency in delhi. A Profile in Leadership & Revenue Growth Executive buy-in is a major complaint in content marketing. This is a common complaint that pervades conference Q&As. Success is more likely for those who have executive buy-in. 

This complaint is quite common among content marketers. However, I have never heard anyone complain about influencer marketing buy-in digital marketing agency in gurgaon. Why? Why? Because marketers view influencer marketing as a tactic, not a complete strategy. Many marketers think that “influencer marketing” is “round-up postings.” However, it doesn't necessarily require executive approval to implement a tactic. 

The CEO of the company has also contributed to the case study. Here is the profile for the company that was featured in the case study. Company: NewPro Containers Industries in digital marketing agency in gurgaon: Wholesale commercial-grade planters CEO: Jeremy Derringer Location: Zionsville (IN) Year Established: 1989 Employers Derringer attributes the recent growth in NewPro to their unique approach towards influencer marketing. 

Revenue is up 35% over last year. In 2016, revenue was up 20% compared to the previous year. This marketing strategy is proving so successful that they recently broke ground on a $4 million warehouse facility. Blogging is the Key to Everything NewPro is very concerned that its blog is the industry's trusted hub. The company aims to be the party host that everyone wants to attend to digital marketing agency in gurgaon. It must be genuine, useful, and credible to give credibility to the company. It must also be attractive to industry decision-makers and influencers. NewPro sees blogging as a way to generate both tangible and intangible results. Blogging not only generates leads but also shapes the perception of the brand in its industry. 

This is crucial in the execution of a comprehensive and sustainable influencer program. Derringer knows that blogging has been a failure in his industry and many others. He's seen many bloggers fail to make it from 90 days to 12 months before they finally gave up. These are the four main reasons he blames. Interns Many businesses in this niche (and others) throw blogging at interns because they don't have the time. Problem is, interns, lack the experience necessary to write industry-relevant articles. Salespeople Some salespeople are asked to maintain a blog to assist with “social selling” or attracting leads. 

Sales should be selling, not writing blog entries. Salespeople who are good at selling don't like to blog. They're hunters and not writers. Chief Executive Officer: Many chief executives are too busy to keep a blog. Third-party authors: No matter the quality of the writers, posts are not authentic enough simply because they aren't in the industry.

 This is something industry insiders can see. NewPro invested and hired industry veterans or insiders to create original content. Half of the people who were offered $200 per blog post declined it. (NewPro insists on the donation of unclaimed funds to the charity of the person's choice. NewPro might pay third parties to create content, and then send it to influencers to be rewritten for authenticity. NewPro made it easy for influencers to say yes. It was difficult to get contributors to stop selling anything in their content. Derringer addressed the issue by coaching contributors, explaining to them that they are speaking to peers in their industry and gaining thought leader status. NewPro did not have a formal submission process. It could take any content it wanted, including notes in an email or Word Docs. 

It can be edited, refined, and worked with if it is written. NewPro was conscious of removing as many obstacles as possible while also providing financial incentives and stroking influencers' egos. Find Influencers Marketers have many tools, and lots of software to help them find influencers. Derringer, however, takes a holistic approach. Derringer personally contacts his customers and invites them to contribute. He also recruits conference speakers and attendees. He does 100% of the contributor outreach. NewPro's content is continuously being curated, so it has been exposed to industry writers. 

These have all been successful in introducing influencers to NewPro. NewPro had to find its first major influencer from the beginning. Introduce the Bug Lady Derringer started NewPro's influencer blog campaign by asking a third-party writer to write the ” Pro's Field Guide for Plant Pest Control”. But he didn’t stop there. He was aware that a third-party author would not be credible for the people he was trying to reach. WHILE YOU ARE HERE The guide was in his hand and he called Suzanne Wainwright Evans, better known as the “Bug Lady”, to reach her. He didn't use social media outreach or email like many others. He picked up the phone to call. 

He asked her to edit the PDF guide for NewPro. She agreed to pay for the service, and she would prominently credit her as the author. He agreed and sent the guide to her. Derringer was right to be concerned that third-party content wouldn't come across as credible. The Bug Lady contacted Dearringer and said that she would need to rewrite it all because it wasn't accurate. She agreed to new terms and began to revise the guide. NewPro converted the guide into five blog posts and published one each week. Each post is linked to the guide. 

The top-performing posts were then syndicated to two non-profit industry websites. NewPro's influencer marketing program was built around Courting the Bug Lady. NewPro's industry influence gave it the credibility to recruit other influential people from its industry. This post features many of their most influential contributors. 

One-quarter of the posts had to be NewPro content. Most of the contributors trusted NewPro's content and they agreed to it. Derringer currently controls 20 social media accounts that are owned by influential people in the industry. It was also apparent that industry professionals struggle to keep their social media accounts updated. NewPro creates a newsletter for industry managers that helps them find the right content.


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