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Here’s Why an Electric Vehicle Is Ideal for a Road Trip This Summer 

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This is why an electric automobile is ideal for a road trip this summer. Picture of a battery-equipped van sporting a striking graphic depicting a lightning bolt. 

Do you need to buy or hire a Commercial Electrician Perth for car for your yearly summer vacation? Go electric if you can. When it comes to lowering emissions, enhancing air quality, and decreasing noise pollution, electric vehicles are unrivalled. 

Alternative that is easier for the environment 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that autos and trucks are responsible for 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions. How much money do you plan to put in? After factoring in emissions from vehicle production, fuel combustion, and fuel production, an electric car has a carbon footprint that is nearly half that of its gas-powered counterpart (300g CO2e/km for the average gas vehicle, compared to 180g CO2e/km for the average electric vehicle). It's good for your money and the planet at the same time! 

Boosting the volume 

With the growing demand for electric vehicles, more and more charging stations are being installed around the United States. You may look up any of the more than 9,500 charging stations and more than 24,000 charging outlets in the United States by entering your zip code. More than 18,000 stations of various pricing models (free, pay-as-you-go, and subscription) have been added since 2010. Tax incentives are being implemented by many governments to encourage the installation of charging stations both in and out of the house. 

Power from electricity vs. gas 

Electricity is a more cost-effective means of powering automobiles than gasoline. In addition to potential government subsidies and tax advantages, solar and time-of-use (off-peak) electricity prices can further reduce the expenses of operating electric vehicles. When you include in the ongoing decline in the cost of electric vehicles and the ongoing increase in the cost of gasoline, you have a recipe for significant cost savings. 

The larger the savings from moving to an electric automobile, the worse the fuel efficiency of the car being replaced. 

According to 2012 projections for the United States, driving a fully electric Nissan Leaf at 29 kWh/100 miles instead of a gasoline-powered Toyota Camry at 28 mpg will result in a massive savings of $1,001 for every 10,000 miles driven. 

When compared to a Toyota Prius Hybrid (gasoline and electric), which is predicted to get 50 mpg, you can save over $410 over the course of 10,000 miles by driving a Leaf. 

Want something a little more elegant? A Mercedes S550 gets 19 miles per gallon on the highway, while a Tesla Model S uses 35 kWh/100 miles, saving you $1,566 over the course of 10,000 miles. To illustrate, let's say that you have to go 150,000 kilometres. In terms of efficiency, how's that? 



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