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There’s something special about ordering burgers in the middle of the workday. Burgers remind us of summer barbecues, fun days at the ballpark, and are just a staple in American cuisine. Plus, there are tons of options available to satisfy even the most carnivorous or vegetarian tastes among us. That’s why you should consider them for your next team lunch. If you’re on the fence, here are three reasons burgers are on the menu the next time you order lunch catering.

Cheeseburgers are Incredibly Satisfying

Cheeseburgers are a little more involved than traditional company catering affairs like sandwiches, but they’re totally worth it. They’re full of flavor and come with all kinds of options, like different veggies, cheeses, sauces, and sides. Some caterers even take the burger bar approach, similar to how many Mexican catering services offer delicious and versatile taco bars. Going for the burger bar (or cheeseburger bar) is a flexible option for all sorts of events. Each person gets what they want, and that’s all there is to it. Plus, burgers are filling and incredibly satisfying! Your team has been working hard, so they deserve a filling, delicious meal catered to the office and burgers fit the bill perfectly.

Caterers Serve Cheeseburgers of All Kinds

When you picture a cheeseburger, you picture that classic image of a beef patty topped with a healthy slice of cheddar or American cheese. These days, however, there are cheeseburgers that cater to all kinds of flavor preferences. You can get that classic cheeseburger made with real beef and cheese. But you can also make sure the vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions get in on the fun, too. It’s all thanks to innovations in plant-based meats. Many restaurants have started offering plant-based burgers, along with plant-based cheeses. For those who can’t eat gluten, restaurants offer lettuce-wrapped cheeseburgers or gluten-free bun options. No matter your catering needs, you can feed your team without worry and without compromise.

Cheeseburgers Bring People Together

Burgers are traditionally summer food. Yeah, most of us eat burgers year-round, but the summer months between Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September are definitely burger season. People gather for backyard barbecues, and it’s a good time all around. As summer winds down, ordering some cheeseburgers is a great way to come together to celebrate the last days of the season with your team. It’s a reminder to enjoy a burger before the seasons change. In the office, having cheeseburgers (and a burger bar, especially) is a great way to bring people together for food and fun—and to take a break from normal day-to-day activities for a while.

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