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Here’s Why Teak Veneer is One of The Most Preferred Surfacing Solutions

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There are many surfacing solutions available on the market and while they say ‘the more, the better’, sometimes an abundance of options can leave a buyer confused. So we decided to come up with a post, for our readers, that talks about one of the most preferred surfacing solutions – teak veneer. It is one of the most durable surfacing solutions and the variety in teak wood texture, grain design, and color makes it a beautiful and versatile product perfect for applications in residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, finishing can also be done on teak wood veneers using different teak wood polish shades to achieve a particular desired look in a space. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Read this blog as we discuss the benefits which make teak veneers the preferred surfacing solution. 

1. It is highly durable. 

One of the most important benefits of using teak wood veneer is that it is highly durable and it also imparts strength to the underlying surface. Its weight, density and construction makes it highly resistant to warping and expanding under harsh climatic conditions and it is this property of teak veneer that makes it a preferred material for surfacing even external doors, windows, furniture and more. 

2. It is very versatile.

The natural and classy look of teak wood veneers available with different backings like ply, fleece, MDF, laminate and cloth makes it easy to use for a variety of applications. So you can use teak veneer plywood or a MDF veneer for door or cabinet paneling depending on the thickness you prefer. Some of the residential applications of teak wood veneers include floors, walls, doors, kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes and more while some of its commercial applications include office interiors, mall lobbies, hotel receptions, and cruise ship interiors.

3. It is aesthetically appealing

As you would know, teak is one of the most beautiful wood species in the world. Teak veneer is a great alternative to solid teakwood as it offers the same aesthetic appeal as teak wood, at substantially low prices and minus the high maintenance. Teak veneers’ natural luster, unique texture, and coarse grains impart luxury and elegance to the surfaces they are applied on. You can play with different teak wood veneer polish shades to apply a finishing layer on unpolished teak wood veneers to match the exact colour of other elements in your space. 

4. It is resistant to pests and termites.

Teak wood veneers from top brands are treated with chemicals during its manufacturing which provides a preservative layer making it resistant to pests and termites. So it will stay in good condition for years to come. 

In Conclusion

The durability, good looks and availability of a range of textures, grain patterns, and color tones makes teak wood veneers the most preferred surfacing solution. Whatever decor ideas you have in your mind, it can be achieved with teak veneers at much lower costs than other real wood veneers. You can buy an unpolished teak veneer texture and use the teak wood polish shades of your preference or you can simply shop for polished teak wood veneers. In case, you have no prior experience of choosing a surfacing material, take help of a professional interior designer, or refer to the catalogue/brochure of a leading teak veneer manufacturer, to pick the right teak veneer for your home or office. 


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