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You're in a big city, bustling away in cabs, subways, juggling between morning coffees and missed brunches, calling out your apologies to people you haven’t met in ages or you could be in a small town, tending away your yard, cleaning the porch, picking up kids from school, basically, being anywhere, being in existence, happy, though, wherever you belong, living your daily routine, day after day, night after night.

And one day, you’re browsing the internet and you’re reading a few posts about letting off some steam and amongst the bunch of ideas that surf up the google search, someone comes along to pop up the question, when was the last time you were on a mission “break?”

And now you start thinking.

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Imagine resting your head in a place like this for a while? Imagine pausing the “routine” to take a breather in the patio, grilling away your hamburgers with your family or friends, taking that long evening walk afterwards, calling it an early night with a few laughs from watching your favourite sitcom, tucking in finally, lights out and to wake up early over the east coast to prepare for a morning of a newfound trail exploration, coming back in the noontime to have a heart lunch at a Bar and Grill and signing-off with some lazy golfing.

Why don’t you scroll up and read that part again for what you’re going to read next, may sound too good to be true.

Imagine, all of this, everything that you read above, everything that you’d seen above, every sentence, every emotion, every feelingand every picture, to be a reality. Am I kidding?

Welcome to Mission, Texas. A place where the picture painted from the words you just read is, in fact, an epitome of truth. In this tucked away town near the east coast, you find this pearl in the ocean, in Hillcrest, at your service, by a superhost (really a superhost!) to make you feel at ease, a place that definitely will prove to be a necessary change of scenery from your life of routine. You can visit here for a weekend with your friends, relax away your pining week or treat your family with a week full of bonding time and activities or hey! Stay in for a month! Connecting remotely with the world, with a fresh view, giving your work life a fresher perspective. You’re more than welcome to avail the beautiful services, enjoy the comfort and explore the beautiful town of Mission, Texas.

Mission is one of the fastest growing city in the country and thanks to worldwide web, you can see that for yourself. The accessibility to various amenities is only a few minutes away and our place, in Mission, is located very near to all the utilities one might need for the comfort living.

I know, it is so easy to read all of this from where you are, it is so easy to close the tabs, book an Uber and move to your next meeting place, continue the reading the article and forget about our well imagined place.

Allow me to bring you back to our fantasy-land.

It is just as simple in Mission. We just read a lot about change in landscapes, laughing away weekends with friends and probably dreaming about that candle light dinner in the beautiful patio with your spouse while the kids are tucked away, working remotely through a month in a new place (which, sir, happens a lot here) and what good will that be if the world was disconnected?

We got you there, didn’t we? No worries! We have you covered, already.

The location of our BnB is absolutely convenient for easy access to transportation services which is going to be a smooth experience, thanks to the fast internet connectivity with our Wi-Fi. The suite is complete with a sweet bonus of Netflix and Amazon Prime. We sure know that at times, you may be away and the familiar feeling of the “chill” can come with some subscription TV.

Let’s talk about some sweet sins, our indulgences, about a camaraderie of cuisines, the suite is equipped with complete kitchen appliances and accessories, a full set of refrigerator, a freezer, electric burners, fryers, oven, dishes, linens and more. We are insane aren’t we? However, let me share about the time when we were setting the place up with my family and we really had a hard time with take-outs or dine-ins. The point is, if we have a completely serviced room with amenities, why not gear it up with some homely armament and by that we mean with some familial dining experience. It really is up to you to choose from all the options, we just ensure you don’t run out on those any time soon.


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