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High blood pressure readings are used to measure the pressure  BloodPressure Support Review exerted by blood against the walls of your blood vessels as it is pumped through the system. There are two measurements. The first measurement is when the heart actually pumps and that's the systolic. The second measurement is when the heart is at rest refilling the chamber in preparation for another beat, that's called the diastolic.

These readings are expressed as two numbers with systolic being first followed by diastolic. For example, “normal” blood pressure is 120/80.So why are blood pressure readings a concern? What do they actually tell us?If our blood vessels are healthy, then we know the pressure should be around 120/80. Actually there are those who argue it should be lower than that. If either the systolic or diastolic pressure is greater than normal, then that's an indicator that there may be a problem with the blood vessel system.

Nobody really knows what causes high blood pressure but we have a good idea of what elevated pressure can do to the body and to the blood vessels in particular. Healthy blood vessels are elastic. This allows them to expand during the systolic or pump pressure, and then contract during the diastolic phase. This is an efficient method of the distribution of blood.If those vessels start to stiffen or harden, and that's common with HBP, the vessels can't expand during the systolic phase and that creates a higher pressure. Think of a source of water flowing through a three inch pipe now being forced into a two inch pipe and you can get an idea of how hardening of the vessels affects pressure.



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