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Foods that are high in cholesterol, or saturated fats Blood Balance Formula Review  contribute to increased risks, therefore a diet is critically important. Avoiding these simple indicators and continuing on with a poor diet and lifestyle, will set you on a course that may be invisible for years, but finally ending up with major health issues or fatalities. Ultimately this disease develops over time, sometimes un-noticed, and can progress to a point that is no longer safe and cause severe problems without the person ever knowing.

Are you on a blood pressure medication. Do you have to take more than one because one just can't control your pressure. Do you understand that you'll have to take this medication, or some form of it, for the rest of your life. Is that something you want to do.

Then there are the side effects. In most cases, side effects are relatively mild and will include fatigue, dizziness, rashes, diarrhea, nausea, headaches or frequent urination. In some cases they can be downright lethal and cause heart failure or kidney failure. It is extremely important that you report any side effect that persists to your doctor.

High blood pressure affects over 60 million Americans and millions of them are controlling their condition with blood pressure medication. Almost every one of those will have to go through modification in dosage or drug combinations to find what works for the present without side effects. As you age and your body changes and your tolerance for the medications lessen, you'll have to change dosage or drugs again. It's just a fact of life.



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