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Wigs are very popular in today’s era, which is not only the reason for technological progress and technological innovation of wigs, but also related to the improvement of people’s economic strength and their desire for beauty. Women’s hair is an important part that affects the beauty of women’s appearance.

So, wigs are becoming more and more popular, and the types of wigs are becoming more and more abundant. When people buy wigs, they always worry about buying bad wigs, or want to get better quality wigs. So, what is a high-quality wig? How can you tell if a wig is of high quality? This blog will take you to solve this problem separately. Please keep looking forward and keep reading.

What are wigs?

Wigs is a hair extension product made of synthetic hair or human hair. You can use a wig to get the desired hair look. You can also get other functions, such as changing your hairstyle, covering your hair loss, styling quickly and protecting natural hair.

Common two types of wigs

There are two main types of wigs, one is human hair wigs and the other is synthetic hair wigs. Both kinds of wigs with different hair materials are popular. But human hair wigs are better quality wigs. People often compare human hair wigs to high-quality wigs and synthetic hair wigs to low-quality wigs. Human hair wigs can last longer.

If you take good care of it, it can last for at least one year, while synthetic hair wigs can only be worn for a few months at most. Synthetic hair’s appearance is not natural enough, and it is easy to tangle and dry, while human hair wigs is a wig with lower maintenance and fewer hair problems.

How to identify whether the wig is high quality?

1. It lasts longer

High-quality wigs last a long time. If your wig is damaged and unusable within 2 months, it is not a high-quality wig, but a low-quality wig.

2. Appearance

High-quality wigs are made of very good hair materials, all of which are made of human hair. The hair of wigs should have natural luster, healthy and full density. If your wig has a thin density and looks artificial luster, it is a low-quality wig, not a high-quality wig.

3. Styling wigs

High-quality wigs are suitable for styling. You can do a variety of re-styling, such as curling, straightening or dyeing your hair, but low-quality wigs are not allowed. Low-quality wigs can easily be damaged and become a mess.

4. Hair problems

High-quality wigs have few hair problems. If your wig has a lot of hair problems, it’s not a high-quality wig.

5. Price

This is a simple judgment method. You should know better things, and the price is often not very cheap. It is impossible to buy a good quality wig at a very low price.

6. Touch

You can touch your wig to feel it. The hair of high-quality wigs is delicate and soft, while the hair of low-quality wigs is vinegar-bathed and hard.

7. Wig supplier

You can judge whether the wig is of high quality according to the reputation or brand of the supplier, such as whether you have your own factory, rich production experience, good after-sales service and brand evaluation. Almost all the wigs sold by good wig suppliers are guaranteed in quality, and they are all high-quality wigs. For example, Recool hair, with 15 years of wig manufacturing experience, has a very good brand reputation. You can see the praise of customers on Trustpilot.

8. Smell

There is no strange smell in high-quality wigs. On the contrary, low-quality wigs usually have strange problems. You can smell your wigs carefully to see if there is any chemical smell or animal hair smell.

9. Breathability and comfort

High-quality wigs are very breathable to wear, and the hair cap material is soft and comfortable, while low-quality wigs will not have such good breathability and comfort.

Why human hair wigs are high quality?

Human hair wigs’ hair is collected from the same J donor, and the cuticle of hair is complete and oriented in the same direction. The hair is not chemically treated, has a natural appearance, and is very durable. Moreover, human hair feels very comfortable, smooth and odorless, which can give you the most beautiful appearance while lasting longer.

Although the price of human hair wigs is a little more expensive than synthetic hair, it is worth it. If your budget is tight recently, you can choose Recool Hair to buy it. Recool Hair is doing promotions, and many styles of human hair wigs are on sale at a discount.

High quality human hair wig recommendations in Recool Hair

1. HD Lace Front Wig Brazilian Jerry Curly 13×4 13×6 Full Frontal Lace Wigs


Lace type: HD lace

Lace area:13×4/13×6

Hair style: Jerry curly hair

Hair color: Natural black

Hair length:16inch~30inch

Hair density:180%

2. HD Lace Wigs Body Wave 5×5 6×6 Undetectable Lace Glueless Closure Wig 180% Density

body wave 5x5 HD lace wig

Lace type: HD lace

Lace area: 4×4/5×5/6×6

Hair style: Body wave hair

Hair color: Natural black

Hair length:16inch~30inch

Hair density:180%

3. Body Wave 99J 13×4 Lace Front Wig HD Lace Burgundy Colored Straight 5×5 Lace Wig

recool 99J body wave wig

Lace type: HD lace

Lace area:5×5/13×4

Hair style: Body wave hair

Hair color:99J burgundy color

Hair length:18inch~28inch

Hair density:150%/180%

4. Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight 5×5 13×4 Invisible HD Lace Closure Wig 150% Density


Lace type: HD lace

Lace area:5×5/13×4

Hair style: Straight short bob hair

Hair color: Natural black

Hair length:10inch~14inch

Hair density:150%

5. Highlight Water Wave Wig 13×4 HD Lace Front Wig Colored Human Hair


Lace type: HD lace

Lace area:5×5/13×4

Hair style: Water wave hair

Hair color: Natural Black with Highlight

Hair length:16inch~30inch

Hair density:180%

Final reminder

Human hair wigs are a wig worth buying and trying. If you want to try a human hair wig, you can buy it at Recool Hair, which has good reputation and high quality. You will get a great shopping experience.





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