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HigherDOSE Cofounders Launch ‘BioHack-Hers’ YouTube Series

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HigherDOSE Cofounders Launch ‘BioHack-Hers' YouTube Series 

The HigherDOSE Cofounders have taken the next step in their quest to spread awareness about biohacking, a science-based approach to optimizing your health. It involves listening to your body and changing your environment to enhance your performance. It also includes adapting your health and fitness routine to your 28-day hormonal cycle. 

Biohacking is a science, research, and technology approach to optimizing your health 

Biohacking is a growing field that combines technology and science to improve your health. It's mostly about enhancing the human body and preventing and curing diseases. Many biohacks are simple and safe, though there are some that require some expertise. For example, some biohacks may not be suitable for everyone, such as fasting and intermittent fasting. In such cases, consulting with your doctor is essential. 

Biohacking emphasizes health throughout life and many interventions come from longevity research. For example, an integrative platform called InsideTracker helps biohackers track and analyze their own data to help them optimize their health and fitness. Other biohacking methods include sauna use, meditation, and supplementing with curcumin. 

It involves listening to your body 

Biohacking involves listening to your body's natural signals to optimize your workouts. For women, listening to the signals of the body can help prevent burnout and plateaus in fitness. One such biohack is heart rate variability training, which tracks changes in heart rate and alerts you when stress levels rise. The technique can also help you learn proper breathing techniques and relax your mind and body. Another biohack involves practicing inversion therapy, in which you hang upside down. This technique is believed to increase the blood flow to the brain and strengthen the capillaries. Many proponents also claim that it will change blood pressure regulation, which can benefit your mental performance. 

Biohacking is a rapidly growing movement in the wellness industry. Biohacking uses science-backed strategies, natural tools, and advanced technologies to improve physical and mental health. HigherDOSE co-founders Lauren and Katie have personally investigated biohacking in their own lives. In fact, they cracked the code on a biohack using infrared light, which has been used for circulation and energy. They bring a fresh perspective to this emerging field. 

It involves changing the environment around you to optimize performance 

In the HigherDOSE BioHack-Hers series, female biohackers discuss the latest biohacking techniques and trends. They also explore the wildest wellness crazes. These episodes are packed with cutting-edge technologies and ancient wisdom. 

Biohacking is a fast-growing trend that involves making changes to your internal and external environment in order to optimize performance. It enables you to live a healthier and longer life by modifying your environment. This practice involves modifying your lifestyle, changing the environment around you, and altering your body's chemistry and biochemistry. 

It involves adapting your fitness and health regimen to your 28-day hormonal cycle 

The first step to biohacking your body is understanding your body's natural rhythms. For example, your exercise regimen should be matched to your phase of your cycle. For instance, if you're in your follicular phase, your fitness regimen should be cardio and HIIT, and during your luteal phase, your fitness regimen should be restorative. Other strategies may include drinking plenty of water and soaking in direct sunlight. 

Adapting your exercise and health routine to your hormonal cycle is a simple way to get more benefits from your exercise program. Your body changes in response to the changing hormone levels throughout your 28-day cycle. For example, your heart rate and oxygen consumption increase during your luteal phase. Your resting metabolic rate also rises during this period. 

It involves infrared 

BioHack-Hers is a new series that features cofounders of HigherDOSE testing out various biohacking remedies. The episodes will highlight traditional wisdom, emerging technologies, and the latest advances in the field of biohacking. 

HigherDOSE founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps have long been into biohacking, and have immersed themselves in the science behind wellness products. However, they noticed a huge gap in the information surrounding biohacking. They decided to create a series that would address this gap in knowledge. 

It involves a female-led exploration of the biohacking revolution 

The HigherDOSE cofounders recently launched a YouTube series called BioHack-Hers, which will follow them as they experiment with biohacking technologies and treatments. The show will explore traditional and modern wisdoms and technologies, as well as the newest innovations in this field. 

Biohacking is a rapidly growing trend incorporating advanced technologies and natural tools to optimize physical and mental health. Both Lauren and Katie have experience experimenting with biohacking in their personal lives. They've used infrared light for energy, stress reduction, and circulation, for example. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to this space. 



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