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Kerala hosts it’s status as the God’s own country. With lush greenery, pristine art and culture, natural serenity, breathtaking Andaman beaches, magnificient western ghats, tea, coffee and spice plantations, Kerela should be at the top of your destination list.

A trip to Kerala will surely provide you much needed rejuvenation and bags full of memories to cherish forever. Superbmytrip brings to you a list of Kerela’s best hill stations to make your experience an enchanted one. 

Some of the most visited Tourist Spots in Kerala 

  • Munnar
  • Wayanad
  • Ponmudi
  • Palakkad
  • Thekkady 
  • Lakkidi 


Refuge of Quiet and Peace- Munnar

Situated at the confluence of three rivers- Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, Munnar is one of the most visited tourist spots in Kerala. Munnar is a refuge of quiet and peace.

The vast tea plantations that cover the entire hill station are what give Munnar its spectacular grandeur. Or perhaps the area's natural valleys and mountains are what give it its distinctive appearance.

Whatever the reason, this hill station is a wonderful delight for all those who enjoys being outdoors.

One can use it as an opportunity to stroll through the fascinating hill station's lush green landscapes and mountains in addition to taking a leisurely vacation there.

Munnar, formerly the summer retreat of the former British Government in South India, is now one of Kerala's most popular spots for newlyweds.

Munnar experiences year-round good weather, but in the summer, many stumble here, particular to escape the oppressive heat in other parts of the country.

Munnar experiences severe rains during monsoon season, which could interfere with your vacation plans since most activities are forbidden at this time of year.

Munnar is best visited between March and September when the weather is at its most comfortable.

The town of history and Greenery – Wayanad 

Wayanad in Kerala is recognized for its spice harvests, wildlife, and luxurious resorts and homestays. It is replete with falls and historical caverns.

One of the numerous activities you might not resist in Wayanad is to walk through the vast spice farms that are aromatized by the fragrances, hike to the prehistoric caverns, or take a resort vacation.

With this kind of much information about the city's greenery, it is obvious that it would have a considerable number of national parks, reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries to safeguard the rural way of life in the forests.

The Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad, Asia's second-biggest earth dam and India's largest, adds to the region's natural splendors.

Wayanad is a paradise for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, camping, and many other adventurous activities due to its enormous mountains, deep forests, and gushing rivers.

You can hike to Banasura Dam, the biggest earth dam in India, or to Chembra Peak, Wayanad's highest peak, to watch the sun set behind the mountains.

The opportunity to visit Edakkal Caves, which may be Neolithic in age, adds a element to your trip that allows to travel beyond the realm of time.

You will come across several petroglyphs, which are ancient rock carvings that were utilized for interaction.

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Kashmir of Kerala- Ponmudi 

The hill town of Ponmudi (the Golden Peak), commonly referred to as Kashmir of Kerala, is located in the Peringamala gramapanchayath of Kerala's Trivandrum District.

It is situated at an altitudes of 1,100 m, 53 kilometres northeast of Trivandrum City and 69 kilometres northeast of Kovalam Beach.

The Western Ghats mountain range, which abuts the Arabian Sea, has the Ponmudi (Varayadumotta) summit. South India's Ponmudi is a well-liked honeymoon getaway.

It's common to go trekking and backpacking in Ponmudi. The weather is lovely all throughout the year. 

Golden Valley and a variety of rivulets and rapids, some of which are just across the road, are attractions close to Ponmudi.

The beautiful wooded region features tropical vegetation.   The hills are home to a wide diversity of species which never fail to fascinate the curiosity of the tourists.  

Ponmudi is home to a number of popular places, including the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point, and several hiking trails. Valleys covered in mist, notably Golden Valley near the Kallar River, are popular with tourists.

Agasthyarkoodam, one of the tallest peaks in the Western Ghats with the highest peak at 1868 m, is another noteworthy attraction in the area. Only those with authorization from the Forest Department may visit this summit, which is acclaimed for its desolation. 

The vast importance of Ponmudi's biodiversity contributes significantly to the preservation of the region's ecological equilibrium. 283 different bird species may be found in Ponmudi, many of which are in risk of extinction.

Here at Ponmudi, you may get a once in a lifetime opportunity to come across rare species of birds like The painted bush quail, the Malabar grey hornbill, the Wayanad laughingthrush, and the broad-tailed grassquit.

The Gateway to Kerala- Palakkad (Palghat)

Widely regarded as Kerala's threshold, Palakkad or Palghat is located in the Nilgiris foothills. The Palakkad Gap, a natural valley in the Himalayas, links Tamil Nadu with Kerala.

With the help of the monsoons, it mysteriously transforms into a fertile emerald and is of immense historical value.

The spectacular Nelliyampathy Hill ranges' cloud-covered summits may be enjoyed from the town of Nenmara in the Palakkad region.

As one climbs the trails of Nelliyampathy, private hotels and resorts may be found in various settings. Before finishing this course at Palagapandi Estate, the bio-farms in this area act as a major tourist site.

As one climbs the slopes of Nelliyampathy, private hotels and resorts may be found in various locations.

Major tourism attractions include the Attappadi Reserve Forest, Mangalam Dam, Dhoni Waterfalls, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and Palakkad Fort. Anginda peak and Mukurthi peak, the fifth-highest cliff face in South India, are both close by.

The sources of the Bhavani River, a tributary of the Kaveri River, and the Kunthipuzha River, a tributary of the Bharathappuzha River, have their origin from the Silent valley.

Experience the Periyar Forests- Thekkady 

When you hear the name Thekkady, pictures of elephants, endless chains of hills, and spice-scented crops immediately come to mind.

One of India's best wildlife sanctuaries is the Periyar woods in Thekkady.

The scenic plantations and hill villages that nestle lovely hiking and mountain-walking paths are dispersed throughout the whole area.

One of the country's oldest tiger sanctuaries, Periyar's jungles are adorned by the presence of endangered animals like White Tigers.

The extremely cold months are December and January while the brightest are April and May.

Trivandrum is only 257 miles away from Thekkady, while Cochin International Airport is only 145 km away.

Feel Rejuvenated- Lakkidi 

One only wants to escape to a peaceful location after a stressful week at work, where the surrounding natural beauty and pleasant environment calm the nerves and provide a therapeutic experience.

In the Wayanad area, Lakkidi is just that. Lakkidi is truly a heaven on earth, with tall green mountains and a serene setting. 

Numerous luxury resorts have been built here for a relaxing and enjoyable stay, which is what makes this location unique.

Being a little hill station, you have an excellent opportunity of seeing everything on foot.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and peaceful environment of the valley, where you may soak up the sun, the hospitable temperature is a bonus.

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