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Many businesses that operate online depend on sales during the holiday season for a substantial portion of revenue. It is important to plan ahead to craft marketing campaigns that will raise revenues during the last months of the calendar year. Connecting special deals with countdowns to holidays, publishing gift guides and sending business Christmas cards or holiday cards are three of the most cost-effective ways to raise revenue during this festive time of year.

  1. Celebrate the Season With Countdown Specials

Running one or more countdown specials can be one of the most effective ways to stimulate demand during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving and Black Friday to Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years, many holidays are observed from late November through early January.

Whether you do a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion, New Year’s Eve countdown, or any other types of time-sensitive promotions, a ticking clock on deals can create the sense of urgency that impels customers to buy. There are several important aspects to consider before doing this type of promotion.

During the holiday season, most shoppers are concerned with securing presents in time for celebrations. While some consumers may make a purchase regardless of whether discounted pricing is available, budget-conscious buyers may have an impulse to hold out for better details. Businesses may see the most complete conversions by offering deep sales to early buyers. Last-minute shoppers may be willing to pay more to ensure that gifts are on hand for giving or have more time to save up for purchases.

  1. Drive Sales With a Series of Gift Guides

Many customers do not go into the holiday season with clear ideas about gifts for each person on their list. Brands and media features often showcase the most popular presents of the season, and these features go a long way toward driving demand.

Publishing one or more gift guides on a website to promote on social media or sending out guides in targeted email campaigns can increase sales of certain items or services. It is important to include links to make these guides easier to shop.

Over the course of the holiday season, a business may be able to increase revenue by preparing more than one gift guide. An entrepreneur or the marketing staff of a larger business should start by pairing products with known demographics of customers, keeping in mind that most purchases will be given away as gifts.

  1. Send Special Offers In Business Christmas Cards

Ordering custom Christmas cards in bulk is a cost-effective way to send out personalized promotions. Sending these cards will require contact information for current and past customers. Business owners and marketing staff have the option to choose from cards with Christmas, holiday, or seasonal designs and fully customize the inside of the card design.

In addition to wishing recipients a merry Christmas or happy holidays from a business, these cards can also be used to communicate special offers to loyal patrons. The majority of recipients tend to keep physical cards longer and engage with these articles more meaningfully than they would with a digital promotion. The cost of ordering these cards can be offset by an increase in conversions, and open rates and response rates are easy to track by using a unique code.

It is important to calculate promotional offers carefully to preserve an acceptable profit margin when running sales or providing discount codes in business Christmas cards. An eCommerce vendor may also need to limit the application of promotional offers that can be applied in each transaction. There are fewer limits to showcasing products or services as gifts in website features, social media posts and email marketing campaigns.


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