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The news of the launch of the 2021 Honda Civic  is indeed hotly discussed. In fact, there has been a lively debate about the Honda Civic’s announcement in 2021. This Honda Civic is certainly 49 years old, so it’s no wonder this car is attracting public attention. Many car enthusiasts are already interested in the look of this 2021 Honda Civic. This time you can see the look of the 2021 Honda Civic. According to media reports, the Honda Civic will be the first to enter the Thai and Malaysian markets.

The sleek exterior of the Honda Civic 2021

According to previously disclosed information, the described design is still a prototype of the Honda Civic 2021. It has been reported that the original version of the later-released Honda Civic 2021 may differ.

If we look at the look of the Honda Civic in 2021, the sporty and elegant design is a first impression. The exterior of the Honda Civic 2021 has undergone many changes compared to its predecessor.

The headlights and taillights of the Honda Civic 2021 use a new frame and thinner models. The headlights also use LEDs that match the design of the front panel, and the front panel has also been redesigned. At first glance, the larger design of the Honda Civic 2021 is reminiscent of the Honda Accord.

The interior of the Honda Civic 2021 is smoother

The sporty impression applies not only to the exterior of the Honda Civic 2021, but also to the interior of the car. Honda Civic 11th generation 2021 Honda Civic has a completely different interior and smooth curves compared to its predecessor.

What is the performance of the Honda Civic 2021?

After discussing the exterior and interior, we will take a look at the mechanical heart of the Honda Civic in 2021. Honda can use the same engine as the previous generation Honda Civic 2021. However, Honda will use an engine adapted to the Honda Civic from 2021

The existing engine is a turbo engine. However, Honda has not yet confirmed or officially declared the problem.

Will the Honda Civic 2021 be launched in Malaysia?

Previously, the picture was a Honda Civic 2021, which was tested in Thailand. According to the news, the assembly plant in Malacca, Malaysia already has a Honda Civic 2021 unit.

This means that the Honda Civic will soon be tested in Malaysia in 2021 and may appear in those two countries before entering Indonesia. We look forward to entering the Indonesian market in 2021!


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