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In the automotive field, the most topical models, such as Jeep Wrangler, Porsche 911, and Subaru STI, are often full of personality-particularly prominent in some aspects, but also often have obvious shortcomings in other aspects. And other models, such as Toyota Camry, we rarely see people obsessed or fanatical for them, but they dominate the sales charts for many years. 

Although there is nothing too amazing in terms of performance, the quality of the vehicle is not too short. If you want to pick an extremely balanced and mature player like Camry in the motorcycle field, the first thing I think of is the Honda PCX series. The Honda Pcx 2020 scooter hasn't been launched for a long time. 

In 2010, the first generation product was launched in Thailand. In the beginning, it only had a 125cc style, and then a 150cc version was added to suit the management policies of many countries on motorcycles. It needs to reach 150cc before it can be used as a standard motorcycle clause. In 2014, the second generation was launched, the production area was transferred from Thailand to Vietnam, and both engines were updated. In 2018, the third generation was launched, the production area was increased in Indonesia, and the 48V light hybrid and pure electric version were also added. 

A few years ago, I rented the first-generation PCX 125 in Thailand. At that time, it was very impressed by its excellent NVH performance and comfortable riding geometry. The test drive this time is the latest third-generation product. Although the displacement of this PCX is only 125 cc, its model is a “maxi-scooter”, with a half-height beam like a curved beam car, the seat is in a slanted shape, and the width of the car is also Bigger. 

The rider's feet are no longer placed on the pedals-they are placed on the inclined plane in front of the pedals. As a result, the single rider is much more comfortable, even if the body is relatively tall, the legs can be stretched, and the seat is wider and more comfortable because the rear seat is slightly higher than the front seat, which is equivalent to having certain waist support. 

However, it should be noted that although the large pedal is “bigger” than the small pedal, the ability to carry people and objects is actually lagging behind. Because the back seat is too high, the second person is not as comfortable as the small pedal. The inclined seat arrangement and the relatively space-consuming half-height beam eroded the toilet space. Not only is the PCX 125 unable to put down two full helmets like some pedals, but it would also be a bit reluctant to put only one full helmet. But these shortcomings in the practicality of riding for two people are actually not a problem for the positioning of the PCX. 

Unlike the domestically produced Honda Jiayu, who still needed to be the main force of family commuting in the past, the development of scooters today, the main motorcycle sales countries have entered the middle-income level, and people who spend more money on large pedals are often No need to rely on motorcycles. The big pedal is just a more convenient single-person transportation tool outside the existing cars. It is its task to make the single-person riding experience as comfortable as possible. 

So how does the PCX 125 perform at this point? I personally think it is almost impeccable. Although the engine has a poor displacement of 125cc, it has a maximum output of 12 horsepower because of the water-cooled form. It is important to know that the maximum output of a general 125cc scooter will generally not exceed 10 horsepower. This power output guarantees Although the weight of the PCX 125 is about 20% heavier than the general 125 pedals, the power feels lighter and more pronounced at high speeds. More prominent is its NVH performance. Like the first-generation PCX 125 in the previous test drive, the power system of this car maintains excellent smoothness. 

No matter whether the throttle is gentle or not, the power is not violent, and it is very linear. There is a kind of “whatever you want, not overstepping the rules.” “a feeling of. As for a motorcycle, the level of silence is quite good, the sound of the engine is not annoying at all, and there is a bit of strength in the gentleness. The changes that can be felt coming from the suspension system. 

When I was riding the first generation PCX 125 in Thailand a few years ago, I felt that the shock absorption was relatively soft on the whole, which ensured a very comfortable riding experience on relatively poor roads in Thailand. tender. Riding the third-generation PCX 125 in Japan this time, I feel that the shock absorption is harder. Although the small vibrations are filtered well, it will still be a little bit bumpy when it encounters a big ditch. Of course, the advantage of this change is that the car has better handling when riding. 

Whether it is bending on a mountain road or shuttles in a group of cars in a traffic jam, it will have more confidence and feel more “integrated”. I don’t know if the whole model has changed, or the model sold in Japan is different from the Thai model. Of course, this PCX 125 is also fuel-efficient as always. According to my actual measurement on mixed highways, intercity expressways and urban roads, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only a little more than 2L. 

In addition, the configuration of the vehicle has also been significantly improved. Maybe I haven't ridden a new motorcycle in a few years, but this is indeed the first time I have seen the keyless start function on a small displacement scooter. In addition, the side supports are also associated with automatic flameout. In fact, these configuration costs are not high, but they do significantly improve convenience. 

The design of the dashboard is quite conventional. The official price of this car in Japan is 340,000 yen (22,000 yuan) because it is imported from Southeast Asia, the price is not very advantageous. For comparison, the price of PCX 125 in Vietnam, where it is produced, is only RMB 16,700, which is a very cost-effective choice compared to its mature and comfortable quality.


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