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Last week, Honda European Motorcycle Company released the Honda PCX 2021, which will be sold on the Blue Continent next year. It is said that this type of motorcycle has also activated the Indonesian motorcycle market.

This is correct because the Honda PCX 125 and Honda PCX 150 models sold in Indonesia also have the same design, but differ in terms of engine capacity and supporting equipment.

Therefore, in the future, Honda PCX 2021 may be launched in Indonesia soon, and its specifications are suitable for the national market, and it is most likely to be reassembled locally.

The Honda PCX 2021 model is obviously very attractive to many people. This can be seen from the car forums and social media people discussing scooters.

So let me answer your following questions.

Which category does the Honda PCX 2021 belong to?

Even in Europe, the Honda PCX 2021 is still classified as a new driver with an A1 driver's license. This type of motorcycle is classified as a commuter product and is usually used every day in cities.

However, in Indonesia, this type of scooter belongs to the category of premium scooter with a 150 cc engine, and there is no driver of any level, because Indonesian policy does not apply to this.


What are the new features of Honda PCX 2021?

In order to keep up with the competition, Honda PCX 2021's feature update is very satisfactory. Like the new digital dashboard design, negative display.

HSTC (Honda Optional Torque Control) safety function, also known as traction control. Honda PCX 2021 is Honda's small engine motorcycle, using this feature for the first time.

In this way, the circumferences of the front and rear rims are different. For the Honda PCX 2021, the circumference of the front is 14 inches, and the circumference of the back is 13 inches. The circumference of the two wheels is no longer 14 inches.

On the one hand, the Indonesian market is likely to use disc brakes on both wheels according to market demand, while ABS brakes are only used for the front wheels, while CBS brakes will still have variants.

Which engine does Honda PCX 2021 use?

Honda PCX 2021 brings a new engine, namely eSP + (enhanced Smart Power Plus), single piston, SOHC 4 valves, liquid cooling and PGM-FI fuel injection.

The 125 cc engine has super-stroke characteristics, with a piston circumference of 53.5 mm and a piston stroke of 55.5 mm. This alloy differs from its predecessor with a piston size of 52.4 mm and a step of 57.9 mm.

Honda pointed out in the statement that reducing the piston step length is to save space, so the engine uses 4 valves and reduces engine friction.

Will this machine be used in Indonesia? Of course not. This is because there are market differences between Europe and Indonesia, so Honda PCX 2021 should use a 150 cc engine.

It is estimated that Indonesia will use a 157 cc eSP+ engine based on the same engine as the Honda SH150i. Many people have discussed this.

In terms of specifications, the Honda SH150i engine uses eSP+ technology, SOHC 4-valve liquid cooling, thanks to 60 mm alloy pistons and 55.5 mm piston strokes, it can produce 156.9 cc cubic meters.

The machine is capable of generating 16.2 PS at 8,500 rpm, and then reaches 14.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Compared with the engines used in the Honda PCX 2020 currently in circulation, this growth is very impressive.


When will Honda PCX 2021 be sold in Indonesia?

If the locally assembled Honda PCX is launched in the middle of 2018, it is expected that the Honda PCX 2021 will be purchased by Indonesian consumers in the middle of 2021.

However, given the fierce competition with Yamaha NMAX in the 150 cc premium scooter category, Honda is required to update the Honda PCX immediately, so it may be launched sooner.

What is the estimated price of the Honda PCX 2021?

Currently, Honda sells 2020 PCX for 29.84 billion rupiah (CBS) and 32.842 billion rupiah (ABS). The difference between the two is approximately Rp. 1 million, the only difference is the braking system used.

The Honda PCX 2021 with new design, new features and new engine will definitely be more expensive. The CBS version may be less than 35 million rupiah, and the ABS version may be slightly higher than 35 million rupiah.

Who is the closest competitor to Honda PCX 2021?

Since 2015, Honda PCX has been competing with Yamaha NMAX. It is expected that the models currently on sale will be the same in 2021, but with a variety of new color options.

In terms of performance, the Honda PCX 2021 will be able to compete in performance. Many current Honda PCX users complain about this because it is not as good as the competition.

However, if you look at these features, there is a Connected/ABS version of Yamaha NMAX. This is the first of the 150 cc engine class. However, the Yamaha NMAX has many different variants, which are priced at 29.75 million rupiah (standard) and 33.75 million rupiah (connected/ABS).


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