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As an excellent adsorption material, honeycomb activated carbon uses the excellent adsorption capacity of activated carbon, which is pressed into honeycomb shape by mold, so that the activated carbon can contact with air more fully. Increasing the contact area of activated carbon surface with air is to enhance the adsorption capacity of honeycomb activated carbon. At the same time, practice has proved that the purification effect of honeycomb activated carbon is much better than that of general activated carbon.

Honeycomb activated carbon is used in many fields, such as industry, agriculture, petroleum and chemical industry.

Honeycomb activated carbon is mainly used for toxic and harmful gases, peculiar smell and irritating gas in daily life. Some toxic and harmful gases will be produced in places with large flow such as market, injury field, subway and newly decorated rooms. activated carbon powder These substances will affect people's health virtually. However, traditional air fresheners can only cover these gases and can't effectively eradicate them. Therefore, the advantages of good adsorption capacity of honeycomb activated carbon plus non-toxic and harmless will appear.

Honeycomb activated carbon not only has a good adsorption capacity for gas, but also can effectively prevent moisture and mildew. Placing some honeycomb activated carbon beside the bookcase and precious calligraphy and painting can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi.

In the indoor or public places, not only will produce some poisonous and harmful gases, but also breed some harmful viruses. The honeycomb activated carbon can effectively curb the spread of these harmful viruses while absorbing toxic and harmful gases.

In the office, conference room, hotel, furniture, car interior placed some honeycomb activated carbon, can play a good role in deodorization, disinfection, air purification, play a clean and tidy effect.

I believe that with the development of society and the progress of technology level, chengde wanyang activated carbon will be more widely used in human life to serve the public.


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