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Hope to Shine And Support Underprivileged Children In India

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Hope to Shine is a crowdfunding platform by World Vision India that aims to make you a changemaker and help underprivileged children gain access to quality education

Mita is a 14-year-old girl living in Sundarbans. Her parents sell fish for a living and often find it difficult to keep up with their daily expenses. Mita is passionate about her education and wants to be able to concentrate and give it her best. Unfortunately, she has to walk nearly 7 km one way to reach her school. It’s not a safe road to tread alone, so Mita ensures she always travels in a group. She is tired even before her classes start, making it impossible for her to concentrate in class. She would fall sick often due to fatigue and this greatly affected her grades in school. Mita has a lot of potential, but the low grades seemed to demoralise her. 

Children living in poverty have dreams that are often constrained by their environment. Kids like Mita who want to educate themselves for the betterment of their families struggle to get proper access to quality education. Organisations like World Vision India focus on the upliftment of such kids. They work relentlessly to provide children with quality education, sanitation and food. Fulfilling these basic needs helps provide vulnerable children with a foundation to build a brighter and healthier future for themselves and their families. 


To help these children, World Vision India collects donations through its online crowdfunding platform, Hope To Shine. The online donation platform uses your contributions in multiple ways to help uplift the vulnerable from different parts of the country. You can donate for vulnerable children, donate for education or even donate for sanitation. All the contributions help improve the quality of life of underprivileged children in India. 

How can you use an online donation platform?

Hope To Shine (HoSh) is an online donation platform by World Vision India that enables donors to contribute to their ability. The donations of different donors are clubbed together and sent to meet a particular requirement. For example, when you donate for education and donate for vulnerable children, the contributions from multiple donors for the same cause are used together to benefit a particular child or community. As a donor on the platform, you can donate for education, donate for individual needs, community needs or disaster relief. You can enter the amount on the online donation platform and contribute.

The organisation maintains proper documentation for your contributions and reports how your donation benefitted underprivileged children. It also shares email notifications once the necessary funds are raised and reports on how the donation was used. The management at World Vision India pursues the highest quality standards through independent and internal audits and statutory audits by a reputed audit firm, external audits by local external auditors, operations audits, mid-term evaluations, robust design-based monitoring and periodic peer review to ensure the donations reach the vulnerable children and the underprivileged. 

Become a changemaker with HoSh

HoSh is committed to creating a better life for the underprivileged. It has a unique feature where you can become a changemaker and raise donations for a child or a family in need. The platform has a ‘Start a Fundraiser’ that allows you to choose a particular need, design the campaign and raise funds. When you donate for education, HoSh uses the resources to help a child in need. Being associated with a cause of goodwill helps bring immense satisfaction that many using HoSh experience. 

Contributions from people around the globe have helped HoSh make a difference in the lives of children like Mita. The online donation platform used the resources to gift Mita and 219 other children bicycles to commute to their schools. Mita’s father, 34-year-old Balram says that he is glad that his children have access to education. Mita assists him to understand things that are written and saves him from people who try to manipulate and take advantage of him. He says, “I am voiceless without education, but my daughters have a voice”. 

Mita takes half the time to reach her school. She rides to her school along with her sister and aspires for a future different from her parents. With World Vision India and HoSh, Mita hopes to become a teacher someday. When you donate for education, you fuel the dreams of children like Mita. With your support, Mita and her sister receive solar power that helps them study at night, so they can ace their exams and build themselves a brighter future. 


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