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Hot-Swappable Keyboards- The New Trend in Computing

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Keyboards make up an essential part of your computing system at home or office. Not only does it help you communicate with the machine, but a good keyboard also enhances productivity. However, the keyboard and its mechanism have come a long way since their inception.

While earlier on, keyboards were just used to type, there are many other things keyboards can do now. The most recent and talked about development in this industry has to be the hot-swappable keyboard.

This is essentially a keyboard that uses hot-swappable switches to change the key switches with a switch puller tool. While this is possible with other keyboards as well, with hot-swappable keyboards, you do not have to solder the switch puller tool to the PCB. It is easier to say that a hot-swappable keyboard lets you change out the key switches without having to dismantle the keyboard all together.

Hot-swappable keyboards are most popular with madders, DIY enthusiasts, and gamers. This is mostly because it makes it easy to quickly change and replace parts without having to mess with the system.

Hot-swappable keyboards are becoming more common with more users wanting to customize the usability and appearance of their keyboards, hot-swappable keyboards are becoming more common. Along with improving usability, they also make repairing any faulty part much easier and quicker. This article further describes what hot-swap keyboards are and answers all the questions you might have about them.

Why Should You Consider Buying A Hot-Swappable Keyboard?

Apart from the easy customizability of your keyboard, there are quite a few reasons you should consider buying the best hot-swappable keyboards in 2022

Firstly, keyboards are very susceptible to damage. With your keyboard being one of the most used components in your system, there are many reasons why your keyboard might not be functioning properly, the most common one being dirt accumulation. With hot-swappable keyboards, repairing your keyboard is easier than ever.

Neither do you need to hire a professional to get it checked, nor do you need to learn skills like soldering. Instead, you can simply take off the keys, clean or repair the problem, and stick back the keys again. You can also find single keys for hot-swappable keyboards, which means you can easily change any specific keyboard switch if you do not like it.

Another benefit of using a hot-swappable keyboard is that you can create a unique arrangement of switches. For instance, you can alter your generic spacebar with a heavier button or use different switches for the WASD keys.

Since each switch is replaceable and can easily be removed, you can adequately lube the switches when needed. It also allows you to access the stabilizers, through which you can change the feel and sound of the keyboard.

Are All Mechanical Keyboards Hot-Swappable Keyboards?

Whether you are looking at an expensive or budget hot-swappable keyboard, a common question users often find themselves answering is whether all mechanical keyboards are hot-swappable. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Many big-name brands are making mechanical keyboards that are not hot-swappable. Make sure you thoroughly research the product you are buying and understand it before making the purchase. If the keyboards are hot-swappable, it is usually mentioned in the product title.

Do All Kinds Of Switches Work With Hot-Swappable Keyboards?

While it would be ideal if you could all use hot-swappable keyboards, this is not the case. There are different kinds of hot-swappable switches that work with different types of keyboards. This is why it is crucial that you know what kind of hot-swappable keyboard you are buying and what switches are compatible with it. This will help you understand what kind of keys you should buy, which, in turn, will save you a lot of time and money.

Are Switches The Same As Keycaps?

Although keycaps and switches are two totally different things, they are part of the same system. Key switches are what execute your input and register it on the PCB. It is the part of the keyboard through which RGB backlighting shines if you have a keyboard with that feature.

On the other hand, keycaps are the topmost part of the switch, covering them. The character is embossed on the keycaps. Keycaps are typically made with two types of plastic polymer.

First, there are ABS keycaps. These are made from Styrene and Acrylonitrile Butadiene. This material is also used to make a lot of other consumer goods, the most popular example being Lego blocks.

The other is PBT keycaps. This is the preferred option, and it is relatively better quality. These keycaps don’t tend to wear or get slimmer with time, like sometimes ABS keycaps might. It is also able to hold the texture longer.

These are some of the things you should know before you invest in a hot-swappable keyboard. Make sure you understand your purchase and plan your future purchases, like keycaps and switches, accordingly. 


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