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It will be worth updating your username or full name if you are using Houseparty as a social networking platform. Here is how you can do it.


Houseparty is a social networking platform that enables video conferencing chat to users with their friends and families through desktop and mobile apps. The app sends a notification to the users when their friends are available for video conferencing chat. Many users often search for ways to improve their visibility on the Houseparty app. Many others wanted to project themselves a bit professional more. The users can get their motives served by updating or modifying their username or full name on the Houseparty app. Similarly, if you don’t want others to find you easily on the app, then stay away from making any change in your username or full name.

The ongoing health outbreak has forced everyone, including workers, companies, friends, and families, to search for online sources for communication. Almost everyone all across the world is relying on video conferencing apps and services for socialization. Several companies launched their video conferencing app during the health outbreak, such as Zoom,  FaceTime, Skype, etc. Among all these, Zoom became much more popular among the users, but Houseparty is not also far behind in popularity. The easy accessibility of the app between the tools and the users made it widely accepted. Also, the app offers several other options, like playing online games with family and friends.

Now, these video conferencing apps have become the necessity of life amidst the current scenario. Every user using such apps are well acquainted with the fact that they need to log in with their usernames to make the app run. Houseparty is also not an exception to this case, and seeing the ever-increasing dependency on the app; you may need to change your username. The reasons can be several why someone is willing to change the username, but it can impact you in many ways.

Access your Profile on Houseparty and Make Modifications

Since all the users’ login credentials are saved in their app Profile, making changes in username or full name is quite easy. But, to begin making changes, you will need to access the Profile option, which is often unknown to many users. You can go to the Houseparty app and open it. You will find an icon of a smiling face to click on it. Once clicked on the smiling face, you will be prompted to section appearing as Friends. The Friends option will allow you to see the list of your friends and newly added people along with managing notifications. Here, you have to go to the Settings section appearing as a gear icon, and tap on it. Once you click on Settings, it will redirect you to the main menu. When you are redirected to the main menu,  the option of Edit Profile will appear to you.

Now, you will need to delete your previous username and enter the new one to make changes. After entering the new username or full name, click on Ok and click on Save to take the changes place. Also, the same section can be used to change the profile picture or email id of the user in the Houseparty app.

Source :- https://wwwmorton.com/houseparty-change-your-username-full-name/

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