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Housetraining Puppies: As Soon As You Let Your Pup Out Of The Crate, Take Them Outside

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At the beginning of the pup's confinement or crate training, the household might immediately think of playing with the pet. Before exposing the dog to a prospective favorite plaything, take it outdoors for a potty break.Sideview image of a black dog with mouth open wide

Use commanding words (“potty” or “outside” might be helpful) or whatever signal works for the dog to tell it to go outside and relieve itself. Even in a gated backyard, putting a leash on the puppy will help it understand that it is potty time and not playtime.

Even if the dog mostly spends the whole day with a dedicated caretaker, it is recommended to let it stay in a crate or a dog playpen unless constant attention is guaranteed. Ensure the dog does not have a full stomach or bladder when placed in the tiny enclosure and let it out every hour or two for a potty break.

Make sure that your pet’s preventatives and vaccines are up to date before outdoor excursions. Call your vet in Omaha, NE for information. 


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