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Calgary is a popular business destination because of its favorable business environment. It offers the most competitive tax rates in Canada. Moreover, the government provides small businesses incentives to help their business grow.


If you are starting a new business, one of the things you should consider is hiring a trustworthy lawyer. Good thing that there are many business agreement lawyers in Calgary that you can tap to help keep you and your business out of legal woes.

When should you hire a business contract lawyer?
You will need the services of a lawyer throughout your business. There will be instances when you need to enter into contracts and agreements that would require the services of a lawyer.

A business contract lawyer is needed before you sign a contract. It would be best to have them pore over the clauses before putting your signature on the document. They should also explain the fine prints of the contract before you agree to it.

A trustworthy lawyer will help ensure that your interests are protected.

Do you need a lawyer to make a business agreement?
No law requires hiring a lawyer before entering into a business agreement. However, you will have much to gain if a lawyer drafts the agreement. These transactions will help make or break your business, so you must have a lawyer go over the clauses in the contract.

A lawyer can help review legal documents to ensure that both parties get fair benefits and share responsibilities.

What are the different business contracts that lawyers can help you with?
There are several contract areas that business contract lawyers can help you with. Examples of these are:

• Service contracts. These are agreements that a buyer and a seller sign. These are common in the service business.
• Partnership agreements. These are contracts signed by two individuals who agree to go into business together. It is crucial to ensure that these agreements are to prevent future issues.
• Investment contracts. These are contracts signed between you and the individuals who pour money into your business. A lawyer must ensure that the arrangement is beneficial to both parties.
• Employment contracts. These contracts are crucial to any business. It sets the expectations between the employer and employee. It contains the job description, compensation, etc.
• Confidentiality agreement contracts are crucial in businesses that deal with proprietary information. It would help if you had this contract to protect your trade secrets.

How much is the usual rate for business contract lawyers?
Lawyers’ fees are not cheap. But, they are worth every penny you pay as they protect your business. In addition, they will help keep you out of legal disputes and save you money in the long run.

Some lawyers require a retainer upfront when you get their services. However, some charge an hourly rate. Typically, these go from $250 to $425 an hour.

The cost might seem excessive. However, paying the rate lawyers charge can save you money. The benefits of having a lawyer draft you a good contract can bring in more financial gain.

If you plan to start your own business or invest in an existing one, contact one of the business agreement lawyers in Calgary. Have them over the contracts you sign to shield you from unfair clauses.

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