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The primary goal of online business owners is to maximize their revenue. To achieve this, they strive to provide customers with a user-friendly shopping experience, utilizing popular marketplaces like the Advanced Product Feeds extension.

How a newly placed order is managed in a Magento 2 store is both smooth and streamlined. Magento 2 offers a seamless procedure for customers to browse and purchase products. They can easily navigate the shop catalog, select desired items, specify the quantity and any available options, and add the chosen items to their cart. Throughout the order process, customers provide their shipping and billing information, select their preferred payment and delivery methods, and then finalize the purchase. It is essential to grasp the intricacies of managing a newly placed purchase in a Magento 2 store for effective management.

Once an order is submitted, Magento 2's robust order management system takes charge. A temporary order record is generated in the database, and initially, the order status is set as “pending” in the order grid. This is where the Magento 2 order processing workflow and its accompanying management features come into play.

for more info – https://webguru.dev/how-a-newly-placed-order-is-managed-in-magento-2-store/


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