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Businesses have started using mobile footprints since people have held mobile phones in their hands. Also, it is highly inclining towards mobile app technology to make their business visible at every hand. When we talk about using mobile app technology, we can witness high competition in the market. Effortless & feasible user experience is the key to hitting the market and leading the industry. Therefore, mobile technology should be indulged with smart and popular technologies like chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the smartest user experience.

Indeed, AI & Chatbots benefit mobile app technology in various ways as AI-powered chatbots continue to make a transforming appearance for mobile apps across multiple industry domains. Also, AI is used to dig out various queries and provide relevant and instant reverts to the users to give them a better than ever user experience through healthcare app development. 

AI and Chatbots are such trending technologies made to ease the pain businesses face these days and to scale and support business teams in their relations with clients. In this digital era, chatbots are present in some major chat applications like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Slack, and many more. 

Market Scenario of Chatbot

Many mobile app development companies are coming up with their new chatbot and AI mobile apps. 

According to a report by Grand View Research, the chatbot market is anticipated to reach USD 1.23 billion by 2025 across the globe, with an annual growth rate of 24.3%. 

Gartner also stated that the usage of chatbots and smart virtual assistants is growing at a very high speed. They have provided the latest prediction by 2021, at least 25% of digital employees will use bots and virtual communication in the future globally.

In this post, I've explained the benefits of using AI and Chatbots in mobile apps technology and how the mobile app industry has benefited from this. 

Why is AI and Chatbot Required?

The most significant thing that comes into our mind is whether chatbots and AI are important for companies or not? Don't get confused. Let's say every company shortly will use a chatbot for performing day-to-day business operations. Nowadays, many companies have their own call centres, where people sit and solve their customers' problems. This enables companies to offer immediate feedback to their existing customers. We have talked about this in general terms. Now let's talk in a technical term. Think what is instead of humans. There was a method where robots could perform the same task right. You can easily automate the entire process using chatbots. As a result, your process will become easy and quick. 

Furthermore, AI and chatbots make any messaging app solution complete. There were days when you had to type the conversations, but now the chatbot will reply. This will ensure that you have good engagement & customer conversion and help you increase your business in this competitive market.

Benefits of AI and Chatbots in Mobile Apps

Through the usage of AI and Chatbot, customer interaction will be more engaging and lively. In addition, the chatbots will not get bored of your chats but will know more about users' tastes and preferences. This is one of the best benefits among other benefits.

Upgraded User Experience

Chatbots are the smart and intelligent tools controlled by the smartest technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). These algorithms instantly understand user needs and answer their questions and queries accordingly. This individual attention and fastness on customers help chatbots improve the user experience.

Simple Product and Content Search

AI-based Chatbots can make searching for goods and services look simpler than at any other time. Customers simply have to talk to a voice assistant, type an inquiry term or transfer a picture. As a result, the AI-controlled chatbots will prepare the proper list of items taking user purpose and conduct into thought.

Customized Experience

AI and Machine Learning brands participate in a more profound order on user goals and user preferences. Therefore, an intelligent chatbot dependent on user design can offer exceptionally modified product proposals and convey ideas that normally fit user needs and settings.

Further Developed Onboarding

Numerous studies indicate that many customers stay away for the indefinite future to an app after the first run-through. This happens especially if a confusing onboarding experience is encountered. In this regard, a smart Chatbot can assume a truly exciting part in making the offer understood and making the customer comfortable at the principal occurrence. In addition, a Chatbot can direct the customer through all app capacities without leaving any space for confusion.

Industries where AI and Chatbots are Generally Utilized

E-Commerce and Customer Service

The E-Commerce and Customer Service industry is the most popular industry where chatbots and AI are mostly used. Due to their availability to answer user queries across the globe. Chatbots and AI will replace this boring customer experience over phone lines or search tools for E-Commerce websites. For example, Ebay’s ShopBot has shown the potential of a chatbot for helping their buyers to find the ideal product they want by using digital shopping assistants. 

Healthcare Industry

The medical service industry is another industry where chatbots and AI are used. Indeed, Chatbot investigation makes it simpler for medical services suppliers to improve the exhibition of these bots. Speaking with a specialist (Doctor) can be troublesome in this digital era because of their fixed and busy schedule and expensive to less severe diseases. With chatbots, you don’t have to visit the specialist frequently when your illness isn’t severe. In addition, Chatbot app development will help you in diagnosing your disease.

News and Publishing

Another primary industry where chatbots and AI are used significantly is the news and publishing industry. Furthermore, personalization is essential for the success of media companies. With AI and chatbots, it will provide them highly personalized services. Thus, this might be the ideal medium for delivering the content to viewers and readers online. Recently, CNN has launched a new mobile app with a chatbot integrated into it. In addition, they added the functionality into Facebook Messenger, where users can receive daily news updates.


Indeed, AI and Chatbots are adding quality to mobile app technologies, especially with the support for intelligence gained through Artificial Intelligence. If you want to increase user engagement and your mobile app downloads, it is the right time for you to think differently and be innovative. 

Adding AI and Chatbots to your existing mobile apps will give you an advantage over your competitors. In that case, you should approach a professional artificial intelligence application development company to remain ahead of your competition. As a result, you can develop an AI and chatbot integrated app or integrate these technologies into your existing mobile applications.

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