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Many years ago, people preferred to buy products or book services visiting offline business premises. The people need to spare the additional time for visiting the premises and booking the services for them or buying products offline. The people, as well as the entrepreneurs, were demanding a new unique element.

The technology advancements fulfilled the wishes of people and entrepreneurs by giving them a new platform for shopping and simultaneously performing online businesses, respectively. These wishes got fulfilled through an app that can be installed on the devices of the people. 

At first, the apps were introduced for shopping the daily households and basic necessities of people. After that, the apps for food delivery were launched, and then lastly came the online taxi-booking apps. This reduces the toil of walking the roadside, and they can just hire a taxi by doing some taps on their phones. 

Hence, the people adopted this revolution and made a habit of hiring cabs online through an app. So, the usage of ride-sharing apps across the globe reached $61 billion in 2021. 

So there are many apps in the Online Cab booking market launched. Those apps are Uber, Ola, Lyft, Carzonrent, etc. There was no other company that was as trending as Ola in India. So, the taxi-booking agents were motivated to implement an Ola-like app in India.

Ola Overview:

Ola is the ride-sharing app that is offering its customers the best problem fixes for booking their rides relaxing at their homes. The firm provides a multinational ride-hiring service and was established in India, headquartered in Bangalore. A user can enjoy booking their ride by selecting the type of taxi category and can reach the destination on time. 

The company holds the highest share in the Indian ride-sharing market-beating. It is one of the largest competitors, Uber behind with the 50% of ride-bookings of India. With such requirements of Ola taxis, several local taxi-business owners have shifted their trades into online cab-hiring apps like Ola.

An app provides the entrepreneurs a mind-blowing UI experience that contains features similar to Ola and some additional features of its own. A merchant is needed to pay a negligible amount of capital as an investment for developing an application for his business. Along with it, the admin can customize the specifications of the application. Now let’s consider the firms through which you can receive the app similar to Ola. 

Firms Developing Ola Clone:

Before knowing about the companies, you should prepare a list of needs and ideas about your app for ride-hailing ventures. Following are the firms mentioned for getting your app developed:

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is a leading Ola Clone development company that serves its clients the best solution needed for their ventures.

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PoloSoft Technologies

The company provides app development, and also serves Ola Clone for taxi ventures. The company delivers a robust solution for its clients, charging a minimal amount.

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The firm gives an exceptional platform to businesses to switch online and survive in the sector and fulfill people’s needs.

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Hence, the entrepreneur can select any firms as their development partners for their business to make it profitable. 

Features Of Ola Clone:

This app consists of some features. The features of an app decide how it will survive in the market. The app is embedded with the numerous features which an entrepreneur receives for their business and overcoming their venture needs and providing the public with innovative stuff which they would be keen to utilize as early as possible. Consider the following features of Ola Clone:

Admin Panel Features: 

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Generate Earning Reports
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Add Service Zones

User App Features:

  • Book/Schedule Ride
  • Refer and Earn
  • Vehicle Details
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Ratings and Feedbacks

Driver App Panel Features:

  • Upload Documents
  • Can Watch Earnings
  • Automatic Idle 
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Vehicle Management

Dispatcher App:

  • Manage Scheduled Requests
  • Charge Estimation
  • Manage Current Requests

Thus, an admin/entrepreneur can get the following features for his cab-booking business, which satisfies the needs of the people, and can drive the venture up in the market. 


Nowadays, as we all know, every business vertical is updated into an application. But from a few years, with rising traffic densities and difficulties in finding a taxi, the people prefer to sit back in the taxi and enjoy the pleasure of riding, instead of driving their own vehicle and suffering the traffic on their own. The entrepreneurs of the taxi business came up with a solution by creating an app through which every venture operation is possible to be implemented.


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