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There are millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, which will never be successful and remain obscure. This is a harsh reality, as it is tough to stand out in the highly competitive app market. Therefore, marketing apps matters just as much as designing and creating them. It can be an expensive affair, and if not done right, even spending money won’t make much of a difference. But there are few ways to market apps that cost little but work almost always works. Today we discuss some of the ways you can market apps without breaking your bank. 

Even before you start working on your app, the most important thing to do is to draw a complete outline of the social media promotion plan that you are going to follow. The promotion plan should have something for every stage of the app development, which means you must try to connect with more and more people to let them know about the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch events. There should be no hesitation in basing the entire app marketing on social media outlets. You should keep the following points in mind as you proceed –

 Make Sure You Pick the Right Social Media

One of the least talked about steps for app development is market research. To ensure that the app reaches the right people it is vital to know the target audience’s preferences. Once it is worked out, you can easily choose the right social media based on the product and service one is trying to provide. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are better for B2C projects, while for B2B, you can go for LinkedIn or Twitter. This is one of the essential steps in marketing the app, and you need to ensure that research is done correctly in order to make the right call.

 Researching Competition

Once you are done researching your target audience and selecting the right social media, the next important thing to do is to look at the competition to learn from them. Researching your competition is crucial as it can help you get a newer perspective on the promotion and avoid mistakes that the competition is probably making. While researching, make sure you ask yourself the following question – 

  •  How frequently do they post and interact with their audience?
  • Do they use the paid ads? If yes, do the paid ads work?
  • What kind of posts gives them the most views/ traffic?

 Once you are done with it, you will have a good idea of not just your competition, but you will also have a newer perspective on your own app marketing strategy.

 Don’t Forget to Add Social Attributes to Increase Engagement

Irrespective of what kind of app you are working on, you need to make it social-friendly; there is no better way of increasing engagement. There should be an option to interact instantly with other users, along with an option to share on other social media platforms.

The Art of Creating the Pre-Launch Buzz  

One of the most missed out opportunities for app promotion is before the launch. Most people who are launching a new app never think of a Pre-launch hype, but that is a big mistake. Even before the app is launched, there needs to be a comprehensive social media campaign that promotes the upcoming app. The customers need to be told why they will find it helpful. For this purpose, you can use influencers who can help publicize your app. Paid ads on Facebook and other social media outlets can help promote it. All of this is subject to the marketing budget. What is certain is the fact the Pre-Launch promotion and advertisement significantly increase the chance of success.

 Keeping in Touch with Customers After Release

Keeping in touch with customers is necessary for future growth. Moreover, it helps create trust. The dedicated followers should, therefore, be rewarded to encourage others too. The bottom line is this; the more you work on the user experience less, you have to care about other things.

 Be Adaptable

As much as you might wish that your app promotion strategy works, there is a good chance that it won’t. This should be a reason to feel disheartened as there is always the option to change the promotion strategy. Social media should always be an integral part of this since it helps target customers more specifically based on their demographics and other factors. Adaptability will always help find a newer way of doing things out without losing enthusiasm, which is crucial to maintain the momentum.

 Why Social Media Will Always Be the Go to Option for Marketing  

The probability of an app’s commercial success is minuscule; therefore, every chance of interacting with a potential customer or user mustn’t be missed. It is estimated that by 2021 about 3 billion people will use social media. The number is too hue to even comprehend properly; it means that there are endless possibilities. So, appreneurs should take all their failures into stride and keep experimenting with promotion strategies before they find the one that works for them. 

Source : https://themartwiki.com/blog/how-and-why-to-use-social-media-for-app-marketing/


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