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Nowadays, everything is unnecessarily fast and modified. No one has the chance to stress over some small but necessary things like skincare. That is why the market brings new applications and advancements reliably to sort our lives more.  Furthermore, make it much less complex than earlier. And AI makes it possible for all. All-new smart apps and gadgets have a reckoned power which is artificial intelligence. AI is not limited to any one industry. It is booming up in each specific enterprise, especially the beauty industry.


Presently many beauty and skincare companies have launched the skincare app to track down your daily skin.

These apps use the concept of artificial intelligence to analyze the skin and maintain the skin routine.

OPU is also one of the best Skincare apps that can help you to self-diagnose your face to know about breakouts, acne, skin aging, eczema, and more. It is a convenient app and a treatment for skin allergy with some beauty tips for skin caring for both men and women.

Know do your skincare products really work on your skin?

Skin Diary & Analysis

Opu is an acne app that can track down your daily skin report and analyze it regularly. Moreover, it can also detect skin issues like pores, wrinkles, and pigmentation, making it easy to track your skin progress. It is a digital skin diary that can manage your daily skin routine that can help you to make it more smooth and glowing to look and feel.

Product Recommendations

By surveilling your skin and its daily analysis, OPU can suggest the most suitable and personalized skincare recommendations for you. The recommendations offered by OPU are totally trustable and worth consideration. You can feel the difference by using OPU as your pocket clinic.



The acne app is free to use for all users. You can also have an option to have sessions with skin advisors. Additionally, you can compete in challenges to win cash prizes.

Advisors and doctors

OPU offers advice from direct skin advisors and expert sessions with complete chats, reviews, and product recommendations.

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

The skincare app can help you to transform your skin. It is a kind of personal dermatologist that will always remain with you.


OPU also offers various product recommendations that suit your skin needs and make it healthier.

How it Track Down Your Skin (How does it Work)?

Take a selfie: 

OPU is a skin care app that is adequately brilliant to account for poor and lopsided lighting.

View your skin Journal and get customized skincare suggestions: 

Participate in the OPU reward program and procure points to get discounts on your suggested skincare routines and advice.

Now, you can track and deal with your skin progress consistently:

Without much stress, you can analyze how your skin is getting along extra time.


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