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How Astrology and Planetary Position Can Impact On Higher Education?

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“Choosing the right stream of education is the first step towards a successful career.”

This is commonly and largely understood, but is it really easy to zero on the most suitable choice with endless study options available today? Most parents and children find themselves in a chaotic situation to discover their interests and where they can excel. Professional counselors try to help students with the right higher education stream gave their inherent talents and inclinations. But can someone know your inherent capabilities merely by filling a few forms or a few hours’ test? Absolutely not!

So, what to do? Take the help of Astrology. How can Astrology help to improve education? Let’s find out.

Astrology – Your Most Genuine Guide In Life

In Astrology, it is believed and proved that each and every event in someone’s life is recorded in your birth chart through planetary and house placements. If you don’t have met the best astrologer yet, you must give a visit to understand how wonderfully Astrology works!

So, coming back to higher education, an individual's excellence in studies can be easily seen through the horoscope. To reach higher education, it is mandatory that the person completes prior education, i.e., a bachelor’s degree. If a person’s horoscope predicts obstacles in prior levels, then it is pointless to ask for higher education. Thus, first of all, the education horoscope of a person needs to be thoroughly checked to understand his/her learning capabilities.

Secondly, not everyone uses education attained in his/her area of work. There are many instances where people work in completely different fields from the education received. Thus, it has to be analyzed whether there is a connection between the education and career of the native. This task can be performed by a learned and experienced astrologer only.

So, before you spend your valuable resources in getting admission to your choice of college, it is important to check your horoscope to know the true possibilities. There is nothing to dishearten as if one thing lacks in life, other comes with double the strength. If not academics, you may explore other options as opportunities are limitless in this bountiful modern world.

Which Lagna is good for education?

There are 12 signs or Lagna in astrology, and all have their positive and negative aspects. It is difficult to label one sign as the most studious amongst others. In astrology, nothing works in isolation, and there are many combinations that work together to give success or failure in education.

Generally, the Lagna ruled by Jupiter and Mercury have serious inclinations for studies. These are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo. But again, there is no guarantee as the effect and strength of the planets will play their significant role. You may belong to any Lagna to perform exceedingly well in academics. At the same time, the same Lagna may take your friend to academic downfall. So, the horoscope analysis may predict whether your Lagna is supportive of good higher education or not.

Which planet is responsible for competitive exams?

Since ancient times we have followed the tradition of pareeksha or examination in the education system. The guru or the teacher examines the capability of his/her students by conducting an exam. So, first of all, the person should have the capability to pass or stand strong in any kind of exam or interview held to judge his/her capabilities. Your birth chart helps to assess your strength to conquer any competition or examination.

A strong sixth house, its lord and the karaka Mars and Saturn may give success in competitive exams. Moreover, any malefic planet placed in the sixth house gives win in competitive exams.

Planetary combinations for higher education

In order to achieve higher education, your horoscope must have higher education yoga. Auspicious planets of the horoscope form this. The ninth house is the house of higher education, whereas the 5th house is a house of intellect and wisdom. The 11th house is a house of fulfillment of desires, and the 2nd house shows the necessary resources to attain higher education. Let’s understand how the planets work in consistency to bless a native with extremely good higher education.

In our birth chart, the 4th, 5th, and ninth house are the main houses of study to show different levels of education. We check the ninth house and its effects on it to estimate the higher education of a native.

The 5th and 9th houses are the Lakshmi sthaan i.e., Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati. Any interlink between these houses shows a good level of education and grace of the goddess on the native.

If placed in Kendra or Lagna, the planets Mercury and Jupiter give flare for studies. The person loves to study and thus gets success in achieving higher education. They are called Vidya karaka planets, along with Saturn and the Sun.

Saturn though malefic, gives determination, discipline, and hard work tendencies in the native.

Amla yoga, paarijaat yoga, saraswati yoga, gaj kesari yoga and budhaditya yoga are some of the yogas to confer higher studies in someone’s life.

Strong Jupiter in Lagna is the biggest asset for higher studies.

The ninth house is a bhagya sthaan or the house of fortunes. If a native has a strong ninth house, then that native gets promoted in subsequent classes. It also helps the person to beat any competition in life. Such people are generally seen in higher posts and are very successful.

The involvement of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury together in the Kendra or trine houses help the native amass great wealth through higher education and self-effort.


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When to remain cautious in studies?

If a child has a retrograde or combusts Mercury, he may face problems with concentration or commit silly mistakes.

 A weak Jupiter creates problems in studies.

If there is a combination of Moon and Mercury or Rahu is afflicting the Moon, then also there is a problem of lack of concentration in a person.

If a child runs the period of Shani Sade Sati or dhaiya during exam time, his grades may fall considerably. So, Saturn remedies should be done to remove the ll effects in studies.

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