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Successfully publicizing a book these days requires getting things right on many fronts, given the intense competition at every marketplace level. If you're an author, there are many things you can do to make it possible for your book publicist to get you the caliber of coverage you need. If you're publishing independently, don't skip any essential services such as editing, professional cover design, and formatting. When books are presented to the media, they must be polished and ready for scrutiny. Even if you self-publish, you're going up against traditionally published books that have support services.

When hearing about a book, nearly everyone runs a search online. It means you need an author website with the required information (book information, bio, headshot, links to social media, blog, and media coverage). It also means you need to be thorough and conscientious about completing your book and author pages on online bookseller's websites. Include keywords related to what prospective readers might search related to your book. People expect to find information online quickly, and if they don't, it might be a reason to move on to a competing book. Your book needs to come up in relevant searches.

Make sure to approach social media with a plan in mind. While some spontaneous posts may be helpful, it's wise to have an advanced idea about what you hope to accomplish. Your social media will contribute to your book's success when your followers include target readers. It's wise to become present on social media long before you publish a book and develop your following with interesting content and engaging posts over time. It's unlikely that a successful book promotion campaign could occur without an author's involvement and social media visibility is an example of how to do your part to help.

Relationship building and expanding your professional network are crucial to your success as an author. When a publicist arranges for you to speak with someone from the media, view the opportunity as long-term. If you make a good impression are seen as a valuable news source or interview guest, there is a good chance you will be asked back. It's one reason many business people and professionals today write books. They are an excellent way to raise your visibility and build relationships. When your name is on people's minds, it's more likely they will become clients of your business or practice.


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