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If you ask most people who've written books, they'll tell you that much more work comes after a book has been published. To sell copies and raise your visibility, you must stand out from the competition – and there are many competitors. Some people take out a book advertisement, but the most important way to promote a book is with a well-rounded marketing plan. The publicity that earns you media coverage is one of the most beneficial parts of book marketing. When you're interviewed on TV or quoted in a story, it gives your book credibility, and media coverage always ends up on the internet.

Therefore, authors need to be active participants in their book promotion program. Ideally, it begins several months before the book is published with teasers and small mentions on your social media. It continues for several months after the publication date with many PR and communications tactics to reach target readers. Your book must be discovered to sell, and it needs to happen with an audience of people who would be interested in the story or topic. Professional book publicists are very helpful if retaining their services fits into your budget. They have extensive media contacts and are experienced.

Another way you can gain press attention is to write a bylined article on a topic related to your book. In the end, you'll receive a brief bio in which you can include your book's title. Anyone who reads the article and wants to know more about the topic is likely to buy a copy of your book. You can also contribute guest posts to popular blogs with interests similar to your specialty and book content. Many bloggers are generous with plugging a book, and once you win their favor, many good things may follow. Also, in all of your book publicity activities, never resort to the hard sell. Mention your book gently.

Making yourself available to the media at many times of the day, evening, and the weekend will help you earn coverage. The news cycle is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are often more opportunities on weekends when things slow down, and there is airtime and space to fill. Authors who are savvy and successful at publicity understand these realities and are willing to answer requests at odd hours. Keep an eye on the news when you're in a book launch period. Being well informed and making yourself relevant to the day's news is an advantage. There are many ways to become visible in the media.  


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