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Incense sticks are a central part of Indian culture. To spread positivity and pleasant smells in the surrounding, they are mainly lit during worship hours. This is an old-fashioned air purifier made from all-natural plant-based components. They are also known as Incense sticks and can offer you a wonderful experience of aromatic delight.

The component that is used can affect the scent of incense sticks (Agarbatti). There are many fragrances available. Some of the most well-known incense sticks include mogra, Lobban, and gulgul. Each flavor has its own unique scent, as well as health benefits.

Agarbatti smoke fills the air with a pleasant fragrance and has health benefits. Let's take a look at the health benefits of these fragrant sticks.


Stress and headache relief:

Stress and severe headaches can have a negative impact on your emotional well-being as well as your physical health. It can also impact your personal and professional life. Dhoop sticks and Agarbatti help to relieve stress by clearing mental congestion and clearing mental blockages. An incense stick may provide relief for your headaches next time you feel like your head is throbbing.

Keep germs away:

Dhoop sticks and Agarbatti are made from natural ingredients. They are antibacterial and protect you against infections. It also contains anti-inflammatory substances like boswellic and frankincense. This will improve blood flow and keep the body healthy.




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