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How beneficial is educational technology?

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More than one century later, the Internet and digital technology are expected to revolutionize education with the pandemic providing a context and urgency to it. Placed at the interface of humans and machines, the path for technology in education-ed-tech is far from seamless. In contrast to the hype surrounding ed-tech, the experiences of teachers and students since 2022 call for restrained enthusiasm. Educational technology is expected to revolutionize education. Students and teachers call for restrained enthusiasm. Currently, there are issues associated with a lack of devices and internet connections either at the students end or the teachers end. As of now, a majority of the student-teacher interactions will happen in a classroom that is planned around a one-way transmission. We will see an increase in asynchronous learning or self-study materials on the students’ time for deeper understanding.

An enhanced online learning environment will be possible only with access to resources and quality content by bringing together stakeholders such as teachers, trainers and other experts from across the country. Online learning can be a boon for institute as they can now have the reach of all over India. Also, the technological advances have enabled them to afford the needed infrastructure and also the government is encouraging everybody to go digital. The benefits of educational technology are plentiful and online learning has made it easier to practice them.

Online learning can reach people from every corner of India and even the world. The technological advancements have also enabled online classrooms to expand the facilities which can be utilized by learners. With the Indian government encouraging everybody to go digital, it is indeed a great time for online education.

In offline mode there are many problems and the main of these is the problem of reach, you cannot go interstate daily specially for girls and their parents’ distance of school or college from home is always a cause of concern, this concern is not in the case of e-learning. Also, this is the main reason behind the success of e-learning platforms in India that you can learn anything anywhere.

There is no doubt that technology can be very effective in some subjects and fields, while others are not so clear. For example, online classes may not be good at teaching students how to interact with others or develop social skills. It comes down to the subject you take and what you need from it. As for educational technology, I think the problem with online classes is that they are more effective at teaching aspects of technology that are not very useful in real life – like memorizing stuff. The ability to memorize facts and figures is not very useful in real life, which is why we don't do it on purpose. It's related to the fact that I feel that cramming for exams are something that only happens in schools.”

A look at the developments in this space shows that while education technology (ed-tech) and learning technology share some common ground, they are two distinct fields. While ed-tech is helpful in training and imparting knowledge, learning technology is more widely used to supplement the teaching process. The adoption rate for digital learning tools is growing as data speeds go up and learning material becomes accessible on smart devices such as phones, tablets etc. The experience of online and traditional learning during the Covid-19 pandemic has to be shared with educational researchers, policymakers and other practitioners. Educational technology tools are far from being perfect. Ironically, teaching with them is seen as, requiring more preparation time without value addition.

This is a beneficial era of learning. The rise of the Internet and cheaper, faster satellite links has made developing countries more literate than they have ever been in history. The craze for learning is everywhere is India, the success of students from backward areas are now reaching every nuke and corner of India.

This also put heavy burden on the shoulders of best e learning platforms in India and of the world as they have to give these students and their parents the best available content and in best available format that they can easily learn, understand and apply.

The online engagements since 2022 reveal that technology alone is no panacea for the problems of education. It can be an excellent support system in the hands of competent teachers in a peer learning environment. The little girl in the story discovers that old-style physical school must have been a fun place to learn. Judicious use of technology can preserve the fun in learning. It is imperative to strike a right balance.

So, this is it. There are no shortcuts to success either for the students or for the e-learning platforms, both have to work together and work hard as the relationship between them is symbiotic. online learning platforms also come with technical aspects that traditional classes may not include. With a variety of courses and multiple ways to connect with the faculty, it is the new way to gain knowledge from the comfort of your home. Enrol yourself today to explore the study materials online; manage assignments, quizzes and exams. our official website-https://www.unoreads.com/



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