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An arrest can be traumatic and can ruin the rest of your life. A criminal record can prevent you from various things like renting a home, getting some important jobs, obtaining a bank loan, etc. Avoiding a criminal case can help you stay out of jail and saves you from a criminal record. You need the best criminal lawyer for this because your criminal lawyer will help you to identify any potential grounds for dismissal. A dismissal by a judge will end the case. Dallas criminal lawyers are highly professional and help you in your case. 


Any prosecutor may drop the case for many reasons. Similarly, a court can also feel compelled to dismiss a case for many reasons. In this post, you will get to know some of the ways that you can persuade a judge to dismiss the case.

  • Showing violations of your constitutional rights


A judge can sanction the prosecution for any violations of constitutional rights like the right to be free from unreasonable searches & seizures, the right to legal representation during interrogations, the right to see the evidence against you etc. If they are faced with a loss of evidence, a prosecutor might dismiss the case. Dallas criminal defence attorneys are the leading ones in examining your case and help you to find the right way.

  • Cooperating in a big case


For example, if the police arrest you under a drug case, the prosecutor helps you to dismiss your case if you help them by identifying the evidence against others. The Dallas criminal lawyer helps you and be with you in finding a route for you and helps in the dismissal of your case.


Your lawyer can also file by asking a judge to dismiss your case. For this, you need the best lawyer to dismiss your case. Criminal defence lawyers in Dallas are very experienced in solving and dismissing the case.

  • Not having a probable cause to arrest


Police must have a good reason to arrest a person. If the police arrest a person for just staying near the place, then the case will be dismissed. 


Like this, there are many other ways your case can be dismissed. If you are charged with a crime without your mistake, then contact your local attorney immediately so that your attorney can find any possible grounds for dismissal.



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