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We've all been waiting impatiently for the weather to warm up so we can get back to enjoying time with our loved ones in the great outdoors. Make sure your outdoor gathering areas are ready for the upcoming summer festivities by taking a good look at them and making little changes to make them more appealing. There's nothing more important than changing your patio's seating arrangements to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable time together after an extended period of time apart.

People who like spending time in nature find outdoor relaxation both rejuvenating and soothing. Enjoying time with loved ones while grilling, relaxing with a good book in the sunshine, or just taking in the scenery are all fantastic reasons to spend time outside. Here are a few ideas for sprucing up your porch to make it worthwhile.

A Porch Bed
An outdoor porch bed is an absolute need if you're going for a beach vibe. Picture yourself and your loved ones relaxing on your front porch on a warm summer evening or a beautiful spring afternoon. The porch is a great place to relax at any time of year, especially in the cooler months when you can lean against the cozy bed and rest your feet on the matching ottoman.

Your home's exterior style may also be a factor in your decision-making process. As long as you're going to use the porch daybed on your front porch, make sure it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your house's design. A white lattice daybed would look great in a colonial-style home with pillars and whitewashed paneling. If you live in a farmhouse, you might want to consider using rustic-looking, thicker slats that mirror the exposed beams.

Incorporating Colors
When it comes to patio furnishings, you don't have to limit yourself to the basic necessities like a daybed, chairs, and tables. Colorful cushions, candles, rugs, and tablecloths are all great ways to add a dash of your favorite hues to your porch. Think about redoing your concrete floor or recovering a couch in a fun fabric if you're feeling adventurous. One or two of these porch decorating ideas will instantly transform your outdoor gathering area.

Porch Rugs Can Make a Big Difference
A typical problem in porch and patio decoration is creating a coherent look. Adding a color-coordinated outdoor rug is a simple way to bring the design together. While the rug's color scheme can help connect your design plan, the rug's perimeter may also divide your area into distinct areas without making it seem smaller.

Rugs enhance the ambiance of a room no matter where they are put, but underneath a porch bed, they are especially effective. Rugs on a porch provide a comfortable, room-like atmosphere that will keep you sipping your morning joe there. Adding a rug to a porch also helps to make it more welcoming. The same goes for floors composed of rough or hard materials like concrete or stone.

Incorporating Ambient Lighting
A string of patio lights or a flutter of candles is the perfect way to spruce up your home at night. Use glittering lights to illuminate walkways and porch steps, or use flickering tea lights to warm up the outside ambiance as guests chat and enjoy the excellent company.

Flameless candles are also an exquisite way to provide warmth and light in the evening hours to your front porch. Consider utilizing LED flameless candles in a variety of lantern sizes, nestled into flower pots or arranged on a table, to create a romantic atmosphere.

Use plastic flameless candles labeled “outdoor” if your porch isn't shielded from the outside elements. An outdoor-rated flameless candle can withstand a wide range of weather conditions without losing its brightness or consistency.

It's our aim that these patio and porch design ideas will get you motivated to make some minor but meaningful adjustments to your outdoor areas. In place of a tacky hot tub, consider installing a comfortable porch daybed from Four Oak Bed Swings.

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