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How Can Astrology Help in Business Growth?

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Everyone wishes to take their business to the pinnacle but how many succeed? One needs to devote an enormous amount of hard work, determination, and required financial input to push a business toward the desired levels. Even after putting best of the efforts and smartest strategies, many businesses fail to prosper. What could be the possible reason? Here, it is enlightening to know how business astrology may help in business growth and finding the possible causes of failure in business.

The causes of failure in business

A business may fail for many reasons, which may range from selection of wrong business, wrong timings of starting a business, choosing an incompatible business partner, making a wrong choice of doing business where the job could be more suitable, lack of direction and right guidance or bad dasha or transit period, etc. The businessman has to choose the best suitable line of business for himself/herself, which can easily be identified with the help of an individual’s birth chart.

Often, the wrong selection of line of business becomes the major cause of failure in business. The planetary influences in the janam kundli may predict the best suitable line of business as studied by the best astrologer. If one performs as per the birth chart, success bounds follow. Visit an astrologer to know about the permanent or temporary nature of the losses or failures. As sometimes, the effect is temporary, but even wrong decisions at that time may result in permanent closure.

Know the promise of the birth chart before investing anywhere

There is not a single person on this Earth who doesn’t wish to be at the top position in his/her career or business. So, it’s a common desire. Here Astrology makes a difference by analyzing the wealth potential of the person to get success, money, and fame in business. A person with meek dhan yoga can’t be expected to do extremely well in business, and similarly, no one can stop a person from reaching heights of success in business with a strong dhan yoga in the kundli. Thus, it is important to understand how much potential for generating wealth your kundli possesses. There has to be yoga for name and fame to get recognition. Some people might be earning sufficiently but with no recognition, while others are acknowledged by the larger public but with very little financial resources at hand. The role of birth chart can’t be denied in ascertaining the business growth of a person. Meeting an experienced astrologer is highly advised before starting or investing in a business.

A person should have realistic goals to avoid dissatisfaction later. Here, we will not at all misguide by saying that Astrology may take you from rags to riches. Once you have good yoga, that can surely be improved and strengthened further to derive the maximum results out of it. Nothing can be produced from a nonexistent thing or possibility.

What wonders can astrological guidance may do?

The best astrologer may guide you about the most suitable business as per your birth chart.

He may point out the auspicious timings to start a business. We can’t deny the importance of good muhurta in observing good results. Once the universal energy is right, everything seems to be right.

He may take your attention towards possible obstacles, struggles, and threats, as suggested by your birth chart. Timely remedies are needed to avoid them, which best astrologer can suggest.

He may also explain the reason for not fetching desired returns on business investments.

You learn about the threatening period for your business based on bad dasha and transit of the planets.

He may suggest whether doing business or pursuing a job is predestined for you.

Grow your business with Astrology

It is possible to achieve company growth with AstrologyFor that, one need to follow certain simple remedies, and the person may account for remarkable growth in business.


  • Always buy something for kids while procuring raw materials or other business materials.
  • Remove all dusty or rusty metal articles from the workplace or factory.
  • Install Shree Yantra and Lakshmi yantra to worship and chant daily.
  • Worship Lord Shiva to remove obstacles in your business
  • Perform charities often
  • It is auspicious to keep a figurine of an owl in your cash drawer as it is the vahana of Goddess Lakshmi and tends to bring her to your place.
  • It is considered beneficial to take a bath early in the morning and offer arghya to the Sun god. This brings excellent results. It is also advised to chant the Gayatri mantra and Aditya Hridaya Stotram along. 
  • Making a swastika at office's main entrance invites good luck and prosperity in business.
  • Keep sea salt in small glass bowls to avoid negative vibes and evil eyes from your business premises. However, it should be changed regularly.
  • Worship your isht devatas bring wisdom and blessings of forefathers.
  • Alternatively, the picture of forefathers can be kept at the workplace to seek their blessings and wisdom in your family business.
  • Try to get dosh nivaran puja as soon as possible if you find any kind of kundli dosha. This certainly helps remove the ill effects of negative planets from your life.


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