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Workers in various industries use a variety of tools and equipment to help them complete their daily tasks. Because tools and equipment help workers complete daily tasks more quickly, it's critical to hold them accountable at all times.

Manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics have all implemented Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to assist with equipment and tool Tracking Solutions. Crash kits in a hospital to tractor-trailers on a construction site are just a few examples. Why should your company think about implementing an asset tracking system?

Why Should You Use an RTLS?

Using a real-time location system (RTLS) can provide your company with real-time visibility into the location and condition of your tools and equipment. Because many machines require calibration and check-ups at least once a year, tracking them with an RTLS saves you time and money. By providing real-time visibility, asset Vehicle Tracking Warwickshire such as FLEET-EYE' AirFinder have helped many businesses manage their tools. Here are some scenarios to think about when using an RTLS to track your tools.

Monitoring the use of tools and equipment: The most basic application for asset Vehicle Tracking Warwickshire is location and condition data. Asset tags attached to equipment can assist users in visualizing where an item is and how long it has been in use.


Process optimization: Knowing where to find tools on a jobsite can save time. Rather than wasting time and resources locating a specific asset, an RTLS solution can send that information to the cloud when prompted.

Monitoring and prevention of theft: Because some RTLS solutions include geofencing capabilities, asset tags attached to equipment can send alerts when a piece of equipment leaves a designated area through an easy-to-use interface.


To ensure seamless equipment Tracking Solutions, RTLS solutions offer a wide range of capabilities. Now, let's take a look at what you can track with an RTLS.

What Can an RTLS Help Me Track?

Implementing an asset Vehicle Tracking Warwickshire makes it easier to manage the sheer number of moving parts on a construction site or in a factory. So, what exactly can an RTLS track for your company?


Everything from tool racks to pallets is trackable in the manufacturing industry. Some tools must be calibrated on a regular basis. Managers can receive alerts from an asset Tracking Solutions system as a reminder.


Moving loads, such as pallets or trailers, can be equipped with asset Tracking Solutions tags. Knowing where your materials are can improve the service you provide to your customers.


Every day, the healthcare industry relies on x-ray machines, heart monitors, and other devices/tools to provide care. Knowing where capital assets are located can improve caregiving efficiency by reducing time spent looking for tools.


Increasing the visibility of tools used in a large area, such as an airport, can help employees provide the best service possible. Another advantage of  Vehicle Tracking Warwickshire is the ability to track shipments by air or rail.


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