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How Can Entrepreneurs Use Astrology?

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Today we find competitions everywhere. In business, reaching the desired heights is quite challenging for cutthroat competition. Running a smooth business free of hassles seems unbelievable today!

To start or expand a business venture requires significant investments of resources. And still, we remain uncertain about the success of a business despite employing the best of the services. We always remain in a fix regarding the anticipated growth in business. Why do some individuals have to work a lot while others progress comfortably? Why do some people feel disappointed?

There may be different reasons, but the explanation is one, i.e., Business Astrology!


Vedic Astrology may solve issues linked to diverse aspects of life, including business success. We all have our distinctive horoscopes with special planetary placement. These planets cause good or bad results in life. The blessings and miseries we experience have karmic relations to our previous births.

Most of us are always worried about our careers and growth in business. Analyzing a janam kundli helps to understand the strong and weak points of the birth chart and the planets associated with the business perspectives of a person. The business astrologer explains the most productive methods to run business exercises for the native's highest yields.

How does business horoscope help us in business growth?

  • After performing a birth chart analysis of someone, the business astrologer offers the most suitable business for him.
  • Timings are critical! The right time plays a prominent role in the success of any task undertaken. Astrology denotes the finest timings through muhurta in terms of date (tithi), day (vaar), timings (karan), and yoga.
  • Similarly, one should know the inauspicious timings one should avoid while commencing any business. The business astrologer indicates the day and time one should take care of.
  • Astrology forecast whether a person will flourish in business at home or abroad.
  • One may know whether a partnership or sole proprietorship suits him the best.
  • The astrologer taking references from the birth chart may offer multiple powerful approaches to conduct your business activities. He helps with knowing the suitable commerce channel, new business ideas, advertisement, surroundings, selection of partners, location, and others.
  • The methods to improve returns and earnings in the business.

Astrology and business growth?

  • It requires substantial financial investments to carry out business activities. In business ventures, one risks with hard-earned funds without any confirmation of investment returns. It is challenging to evaluate losses or earnings before the commencement of the business. Astrology helps you to understand the proper line of business to provide assured returns. In such a condition, the person gets protected against threats in the new business.
  • The Finance astrology also helps to determine whether doing a job or business will be more promising. A person usually desires to conduct business, but if he doesn't have a business yoga in the birth chart, he will fail miserably. Maybe his kundli indicates a job, and he tried his hands at business, which brought misery and bad luck. This knowledge protects an individual from failures and embarrassment later.
  • Not every business is preferable for everyone. Our planetary planets in the kundli determine the ideal selection of business for us. If someone gets involved in the business as suggested via the birth chart, the native succeeds in no time.
  • Astrology uses astrological yogas, transits, and dasha periods to signify right or wrong periods for a typical business. Astrological advice points to the measures adopted to thrive in the business.
  • The 10th house of the horoscope assumes a significant role in deciding the kind of job or business for somebody. The astrologer evaluates planetary effects in D-1 and D-9 charts to specify the right business selection for a person.
  • Business astrology also indicates the causes of failure and losses in a given business.
  • A business astrologer can tell the golden and the worst period in someone's business as per the dasha system.
  • You may learn whether you are leading in the right direction.
  • If someone does a business conflicting with his birth chart, tragedies may happen easily. We recommend taking an astrological consultation before making any investments in any business. A piece of valuable guidance may save priceless resources.
  • The individual understands the causes of failures and many methods to overcome them.
  • The business fails due to negative vibes and evil eyes. Jealousy curbs the positivity in your business. An astrologer will suggest measures to be accepted to ward off all types of envy and negativity.
  • Astrology is an in-depth study. It goes to the roots of everything. The difficulty may be connected to a person's past life, and Astrology suggests measures accordingly. One should act morally and have an in-depth knowledge of the problematic planet with the help of an astrologer.

This knowledge helps to derive considerable profits.

Thus Astrology enables one to choose the right business and the most promising time to start a business properly.

Profitable remedies for business growth

If somebody is undergoing a challenging business phase, he should visit an astrologer. The astrological consultation will help to learn the probable defects or doshas in the kundli.

Some of the most valuable remedies for business growth are as follows-

  • Purchase confectionaries, playthings, or little presents for the children when you purchase raw materials and other stockpiles for the business.
  • Maintain cleanliness at your office. The surroundings should not be in chaos, and there should not be any unused, broken, old, or rusted objects. The dirty surroundings attract negativity and downfall in business.
  • One can place the Lakshmi Ganesha idols and Shree Yantra at your premises. Revering these auspicious idols obtains development and prosperity in your business.
  • Lord Shiva removes all miseries and problems. Thus, one should honor Him every day for general prosperity in business. Offer water on Shiva lingam as well.
  • Lord Shiva soothes all evil and trouble-giving planets in the horoscope.
  • Donate regularly to accelerate the business growth.
  • Offer arghya or water to the Sun deity for gaining power, name-fame, recognition, success, and riches in life. The Sun is the king of 9 planets and helps to overcome life's troubles. Chant Gayatri mantra and Aditya Hridaya Stotram for prosperity in business.
  • Make a swastika at the main door of your office or the workplace. This is an auspicious symbol that attracts wealth and contentment to your business.

One should respect the kul-devatas to seek divine blessings. The blessings of forefathers enable the person to gain business tactics and wisdom; without their blessings, it's hard to gain success.

  • To get constant motivation, install a picture of your forefathers at your workplace or desk.

Astrology helps to overcome all kinds of difficulties in business. The appropriate information associated with business surely defines success for a business. Every kundli has defects or negative dosha, but these can be rectified with the help of business astrology. The business astrologer will certainly help to take your business to unpaired heights.

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One may take the help of a business astrologer to solve all kinds of family disputes in business. Whether you wish to expand your business or go for a partnership business, you should consult the business astrologer. If there is any problem related to the ancestral business, one can take astrological help.

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