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If you’re deciding to build a new home, STONEWOOD has to be your first choice as TONEWOOD is the best home building franchise in NZ. But builder franchise is not enough, you’ll probably need to source a piece of land. Finding everything at one place can’t be easy- size, shape and location are the key elements which you've to consider first. But that’s not the enough thing that you need to keep in mind. In this article, we see the most important consideration to make when looking for a lot. 


The lot you buy should be close to the nearest amenities including schools, parks, shops, hospitals and public transport in a street that makes sense for you and your family. It’s essential to consider these points before buying land and the real mantra while buying is Location-Location-Location. It’s more than likely your building developer has already researched your land, must remember to check risk level. These risks can impact your insurance costs and ability to receive finance for your project.

Size, Shape and Aspect

You should think about the size of your family and guests. For example, a family has to add on the extra bedroom if there are huge family members, whereas a single or a couple don’t need to go through this process. Your home design is vital to the size of your chosen block. Without saying anything on these you definitely have to accommodate the house you’re planning on building. 

It’s important to remember that worth- Unique or Unusual pieces of land-such as battle – axes or corner lots – may be more difficult to sell when the time comes. These can create some limitation on the type of structure you can practically build on it. 

Sloping Lots

A stunning view can be difficult to resist. Although, it is known that a sloping lot requires far more preparation before it comes time to build. It’s important to receive advice from a professional builder before conquering the purchase. It’s very likely that your builder has to carve into the slope in order to create some space for the level slab. In case if you’re located below street level or at the bottom of a slope, you’ve to discuss draining issues with your developer.

Orientation Of The Lot

According to engineers and architects, the important characteristic of construction is the orientation of the build. For example, North facing property- the most popular orientation for the front of the house is a south-facing build. A south facing property allows the sun to heat your home in winter and also helps you to save your electricity bill. It’s worth consulting with your home builder, as they know how you can do this efficiently based on your location and the weather conditions you experience over an average year. Where windows are located will have a significant impact on your electricity bill. 

Cost Of Utilities

An oversight when buying land is to forget about utilities. In many cases housing development, your developer will have arranged the street connections for the water, gas, and sewer lines. If you’re purchasing land in undeveloped or rural areas, it is important that you do research in your way. Your costs to build will significantly increase if you need to install infrastructure such as any of those mentioned above.

At STONEWOOD, we make efforts to take the problems and stress out of buying land- we’re able to source quality pieces of land, a custom range of house designs and home packages to build with you. For more information, please contact us. 

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