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How can I figure out how big of a generator I need?

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Assessing your power requirements and knowing the generator's capacity to satisfy them are the first steps in determining the size of generator you need. Among the top diesel generator suppliers in UAE, the following are some actions you can take:

  1. Identify your Power Needs
  • List all of the necessary electronics and appliances that you want to be powered during a blackout.
  • Take note of each item's starting and running watts. Generally speaking, starting wattage is higher than running wattage, particularly for appliances with electric motors (such air conditioners and refrigerators).
  1. Calculate Total Wattage.
  • To find the minimum power needed, add up the running wattages of each item.
  • To account for the first surge that occurs when devices start, add the highest starting wattage from the list.
  1. Consider Future Expansion
  • Consider the wattage of any additional appliances or devices you may add in the future.
  1. Type of generator 

Decide on the necessity of a standby or portable generator. While standby generators are permanently installed and can power your entire home, portable generators are meant to be used temporarily. Because backup generators are more suitable for permanent usage than portable generators, Among diesel generator suppliers in Sharjah, we typically recommend the above portable generators

  1. Fuel Type

Think about the fuel type (diesel, propane, or gasoline) in terms of accessibility and practicality.

  1. Calculate the generator size.
  • The most common unit of measurement for generators is kW, or kilowatt-amperes (kVA). 1,000 watts is equivalent to one kilowatt.
  • Make that the rated capacity of the generator matches or exceeds the total wattage you determined. It is advised to have a little additional capacity for safety and to meet unforeseen requirements. As one of the reliable diesel generator suppliers in Congo, we constantly advise our clients to get generators; however, please note that the generator's capacity is higher than the total wattage you determined.
  1. Factor in Efficiency

Since generator efficiency is not always 100%, you might need to account for an efficiency percentage. When scaling, you would need to increase the overall wattage by 10%, for instance, if a generator is 90% efficient.

  1. Consult with a professional

 See an electrician or a generator specialist if you are unsure or have a complicated setup. Depending on your requirements and regional laws, they can offer customized recommendations.

  1. Consider Noise Level

 Verify the generator's decibel rating if noise is an issue. There are noise limits in several places, particularly in residential areas.

  1. Voltage Compatibility

 Make sure the voltage output of the generator is the same as what your appliances and devices demand. The standard in many home situations is 120/240V.

  1. Duty Cycle and Runtime.

 Take into account the anticipated length of power disruptions. You could require a generator with a bigger fuel tank or one that can connect to an external fuel source if you expect extended interruptions.

  1. Automatic Transfer Switch

 An ATS can automatically switch between utility and generator power if you're utilizing a standby generator. If the generator is linked via an ATS, be sure its capacity is enough to support the full load.

  1. Altitude and Temperature Considerations.

Elevated altitudes cause generators to lose efficiency, and extreme temperatures can have an impact on their operation. For information on temperature or altitude restrictions, consult the manufacturer's instructions and modify the generator size as necessary.

  1. Parallel Operation.

 It is possible to link some generators in parallel to boost the total power output. This modular strategy could be useful if you expect your power needs to expand in the future.

  1. Maintenance and Serviceability

  Take into account the generator model's availability of service and ease of maintenance. To guarantee the generator's dependability throughout time, regular maintenance is essential. As one of the leading diesel generators suppliers in Dubai, we keep the generators well-maintained and serviced to ensure optimal performance.





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