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Furry felines are solitary hunters and self-reliant. These animals also enjoy several other activities by themselves, such as exploring or roaming around. However, this case does not mean that cats cannot cohabit or live with other animals in the same household.

Cats can adapt to gradual changes in their living environment. These species may even form groups of cats they go along well. But do not forget that conflicts may arise in cats. This condition occurs when cats are threatened during an invasion or bullying activity.

Being in conflict means that a cat becomes aggressive, a known consequence of an unstable emotional state.

But you may find it hard to determine “play fighting” from “real fighting.” Well, remember that play fighting is:

  • Silent
  • With gaps in between
  • Bites are gentle
  • Does not cause injuries or pain
  • Claws of cats are retracted

A real fight may ensue when you see cats:

  • Start to hiss or screech
  • Tension can be felt or is very evident

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