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Video consumption is higher than ever before. A lot of video is produced thanks to faster data flow and better quality photographic equipment.

But are they consumed correctly?

Videos are more engaging than text. This is because videos naturally grab people's attention as sight gets traffic. Video transmits more information faster than any other media format, but is still very linear and one-dimensional. This is where interactive post video comes into play.

Many movies are watched for entertainment purposes only, but most are for informational purposes. Just yesterday I was looking for a video on how to fix the rear coil springs on the car. I wanted to know how it was done, how long it would take, and how long it took to fix. There were loads of videos on the internet but I had to take the time to write down all the information, find tools online and parts to buy. It all took some time.

Technology has conditioned people to get what they want faster. As a result, people get used to getting results quickly and it's hard to wait. This is because people are naturally very impatient and want to travel long distances at high speeds.

Interactive post video is the answer by combining people's need for quick information with the development of informative videos. It is important that you have access to relevant information as soon as you start watching a movie.

Now you can watch the mechanic's video and do the following:

The video contains the full link of the product to the recommended manufacturer.

Download the documentation to fix the problem yourself.

Scroll through the video and mark the point of interest.

Message the mechanic from the video!

Here are some features that Cinema8 Interactive post Video can offer to make your videos more engaging and useful for your users.

This is just one example of using interactive post video.

So what can you use interactive post video for?

Interactive post video can be used in a variety of industries for a variety of reasons.

Interactive post videos can be used in science, for example. There is more detailed information about the downloadable training materials in the webinar and contact information for the trainers in the video.

Purchasable videos can be used to promote products that users can purchase directly from the video by clicking on the product they like.

Make the fashion catwalk an enchanting experience by displaying a photo gallery for each piece.

The explanatory video above can be used to ease the frustrating search for the information you want.

The interactive post-cooking video is my favorite and the main reason Cinema8 was born. Learning how to cook in the kitchen would be easier if all cooking videos were made this way.

There are many ways to make your video content old or new, more engaging, fun and practical.



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