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How can kids kill boredom?

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Every child is unique, and not all learn best through pencil and paper instructions. According to research, game-based learning platforms can create engaging, dynamic, and inspiring students to develop competencies and skills as they focus on the activities. Boredom strikes kids quickly. Therefore, parents must combine indoor and outdoor activities to keep them engaged.

There are different DIY activities that teens and tweens can indulge in using craft materials as a learning component or simply for fun. When done, kids forget about their screens and come up with unique ideas to unleash their creativity. Consider these craft and gaming ideas:

Pool Noodle Boats

When those pool noodles get worn out, you can give them a second life. You need to cut them into floating boats and decorate them with straws and sails.  One noodle makes a whole fleet, which you can sail in a bath or kiddie pool with small toys as the passengers.

Ice Dye Hoodie

If you are interested in tie-dying with art supplies like paints, you can try this activity. Ice-dying is a project best suited for older children that involve pre-treating fabric, putting powdered dye on top of the ice, and making cool patterns when it melts. Try this activity on your favourite hoodie or tote bag to make it colourful.

Coloured Salt Art

With food colouring, salt, and squeeze bottles, your family can hit the driveway, sidewalk, or patio and build masterpieces. They are the perfect upgrade when sidewalk chalk gets boring.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is the free, engaging, fantasy-based math platform used by over 50 million students and teachers worldwide. It is curriculum-aligned, offering content from every important math topic from 1st to 8th grade. After creating their personalized math wizard, your child will compete in math duels against in-game characters.

They must answer sets of questions to win the game. These educational games for kids also adapt in difficulty to suit your child’s learning style and grade level.


Your child gets the task of helping Alfred, an inventor, save Mathlantis, a chaotic and disordered world, by restoring the population’s math knowledge. On this adventure, they time-travel and meet famous mathematicians, help them regain their lost knowledge, and transform Mathlantis back to its original state.


It is a Geography game led by Chester, the beaver. Children first choose the place they want to visit and answer some multiple-choice questions broken down into six categories: places and regions, the world in spatial terms, human systems, physical systems, environment and society, and the uses of Geography. Towards the end, Chester gives a short explanation of the correct answer.



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