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Grocery stores need to move plenty of products around the store. Whether it’s the constant restocking, moving items around the back warehouse area, or moving displays around, material handling tools can help your employees increase their productivity. From the classic hand cart to a powered hand truck, the right material handling tools can increase your grocery store’s efficiency so your employees save time and energy while getting more done. Here’s how these tools can help.

Restock Items Faster

Rather than moving items one box at a time, your employees can stack items on a hand cart and move them quickly to the right shelf. Instead of multiple trips, they may only need one or two, as a traditional hand cart can handle loads up to 500 pounds. Having to walk across an entire grocery store can take time, and the time savings with a hand cart will quickly add up. That means your employees can get more done, allowing them to spend more time helping customers or performing other tasks.

Reduce the Need to Bend Down

The hand lift truck is another great option for restocking shelves. While it can reduce the need for forklift trucks in the warehouse, it’s also highly useful in narrow aisles. Because it can raise and lower items to shelf height, moving them right onto the shelf is easy. Even better, your employees won’t have to bend down to get the next box for restocking, helping to prevent back injuries. A hand lift truck doesn’t require a forklift license to operate, making it accessible to more employees.

Move Displays Quickly

Displays can be a challenge to move quickly and efficiently. With a motorized hand truck, moving heavy items like pieces of shelving across the grocery store or back into storage is a much easier task. The motorized hand truck does most of the work for your employees, letting them conserve energy for other tasks. The motorized hand truck can also be used to move larger items from the back room, such as helium cylinders for balloons. With a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, this is the perfect solution for moving heavy displays in your grocery store.

Fulfill Online Pick-Up and Curbside Orders Efficiently

Many grocery stores offer some type of curbside or online pick-up service. This often means bringing multiple bags of groceries out to a waiting car. A convertible hand truck is perfect for these grocery deliveries. While it starts as a classic hand cart, the convertible hand truck quickly changes into a horizontal hand cart in four-wheel mode, making it easier to fit more items on the horizontal bed. Plus, it can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds in four-wheel mode. Parking lots are usually fairly level, making it easy to bring the groceries to a customer’s car. When done, the hand truck changes back to an upright position in seconds.

About Magline

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