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How Can Vedic Astrology Help You Succeed in Your Career?

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Career the essential aspect of everyone's life! We often wonder which the best career option for us is. Here, career astrology prediction can be of great help to you.

Every day, we experience changes in the education system, providing multiple career opportunities in various unheard fields. This situation further makes it difficult to zero in on the career option for a prosperous and secure future. Before going astrologically, we want you to examine what interests you the most. The planets in the birth chart give natural inclinations toward particular careers or work fields. Working according to one's interest always fetches excellent results. The Right Career Selection as per astrology, works on the same principle.

The career astrologer will examine the planetary influence on the house of career to predict the most suitable career option for you. Every planet has particular natural significations, and they influence the natives with these traits. For example, Venus can make a person interested in work fields like fashion, arts, apparel, gardening, etc.

Kundli reading for career selection will help to figure out the planets responsible for wealth gains and status in life. And then doing business, work, or choosing a career per these planets will help you succeed. The planets play a vital role in discovering a suitable job. The tenth house is the major house for career. It is the house of our karmas or deeds, which shows what we will do in this life. Now, the business astrologer has to analyze the position of the tenth house, its lord, and the depositor of the tenth lord. The tenth lord is checked in the Lagna chart and also in the D-9 and D-10 charts. Your birth chart can certainly guide you toward the right career; you just need to reach the right astrologer. 

Start early for a successful career

More often, the person needs to choose the right subjects to bag a successful career. One should meet an astrologer while the child is still studying. Selecting the subjects is the first step to a successful career. However, there is yoga in the kundli, which tells whether you will use your education in your career. Subject Selection as per astrology, is essential for the career growth of the native.

Wealth yoga in the kundli

Wealth yoga in the kundli ensures that the person will have a successful career or job. Dhan/wealth yoga gets formed with the involvement of the 2nd and 11th houses or their lords. A person with ‘wealth yoga' usually has a successful career.

Job astrology prediction

The sixth house of the kundli gives information about a person's job. A robust sixth house affirms job success. Here, the astrologer has to analyze the planets in the sixth house, which can give success or failure in the job. The transit of the planets helps estimate the transfer time, promotion, salary hike, losing or getting a new job, etc. Job astrology prediction gives valuable information about one's job and relations at the workplace. 

Government job prediction

Govt. job is the most sought-after field for the security and perks it provides. Getting a govt. Job is not easy as one has to pass many competitive exams. Moreover, there is high competition in getting a govt. Job. Every year innumerable students appear for the government exam, but only a meager number of students pass. Why does this happen? Apart from your preparations, there is something else that matter! This is the presence of Government Job yoga in your kundli. You can't get a govt. Job without govt. Job yoga in the birth chart.

The Sun and Jupiter are the planets that give fame, wealth, and status in life. If the Sun and Jupiter influence the tenth house or its lord, there are strong chances of getting a govt. Job. The influence of Jupiter encourages the individual to do noble deeds, which ultimately brings stardom to the native. The joint influence of the Sun and Jupiter by conjunction, aspect, or placement gives a government job to the native.

The Government Job prediction states that the person should have a Budh Aditya yoga to have a sharp intellect to crack the competitive exam. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury forms the Budh Aditya yoga in the kundli.

The joint influence of the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter through conjunction, aspect, or placement on the tenth house gives bright opportunities for getting a government job. The scholars state that one should choose the career from the tenth house of the strongest of the ascendant, the Moon or the Sun.

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