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McAfee was once fully owned by Intel before it fell into the “Intel Security Division” and eventually became a product of the joint venture partnership between Intel and TPG Capital to transform the Intel security division into a single enterprise called “McAfee.”

There was a time when McAfee was only trusted by users, and not by cyber experts because of the lack of features, and credibility. The reason why it has been extensively used by internet users all around the world is because of its user-affordability. Any user in need of basic protection and budget shortage only looks up to McAfee.

However, McAfee has gained quite a significant credibility over the years especially after its redesign in user-interface. It is a simple antivirus, however, it does offer some interesting features.

Features of McAfee Total Protection

McAfee LiveSafe has a different set of features and is a downgrade in terms of performance optimization, and security. Henceforth, we are only going to talk about the features of McAfee Total Protection, which has impressed both cyber experts and users over the years.

1) Award-winning and credible antivirus technology.

2) ransomware, file defectors, malware, and other cyber threat-detection and removal.

3) cloud storage

4) Both online and offline protection of sensitive and confidential data.

5) multi-system capabilities

6) Nominal price. Extremely Affordable.

7) Password manager

8) 128-bit encryption-based storage of sensitive data.

9) McAfee Shredder

10) Safe Web Browsing

11) Performance Optimization

12) Home network protection

13) Mobile protection

14) Online and offline tech support

 How Can We Use EICAR Test File With McAfee Total Protection?

Note:- The blog will just be a brief description of the information you need. If you want to learn each process in detail, you must log on to https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB59742

We are taking the instance of McAfee Total Protection because that is the product in prevalence, however, the below-written procedures can be followed for any McAfee products.

The below information has been referenced from the tech blog published by McAfee under the technical id-KB59742, and it was last modified in the final week of January. The tech blog was published under the “Environment” designation of “McAfee ENS Protection 10.x,” and VSE 8.8.

EICAR is an abbreviation for the term-European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research. They have developed a test file, which is now commonly called the EICAR test file. It is primarily a credible DOS (Disk Operating System) program that often gets diagnosed as malware by the activated antivirus technology in your system. When EICAR is launched and completes its operation comprehensively, the following phrase emerges on your screen


However, the above message will not emerge in your computer if EICAR gets obstructed or blocked by the antivirus software.

Now, let us first look at the procedures to attain the EICAR test file.

1) Proceed to download the file from the site: http://www.eicar.org.

2) Open the text editor. You can use Notepad.

3) Open the new file, and in the new file, proceed to copy and paste the following mentioned link.


4) Proceed to save the file with the extension-eicar.com

You can use the above software, which EICAR test file to cross-check whether your antivirus software is facing any discrepancies.

You can test your cybersecurity software with the test file to find out whether your antivirus product is working appropriately or not. You can obtain the EICAR test file with the help of the procedures described above.  However, it is imperative to realize the fact that though your McAfee product will detect, sideline, and block the test file, it cannot delete it. The reason for this is the fact that the test file is not the actual virus, and does not contain any virus programs. You can use the test file only to check whether your antivirus reacts to its presence or not. Your McAfee product such as McAfee Total Protection can make an attempt to delete the file, but it will be unsuccessful.


EICAR test file comes in handy if you are not sure about your cybersecurity software technology, and your system has some confidential data in it. So, in order to ensure that it is functioning well, obtain the test file by following the procedures described above. Launch the test file, and see if your antivirus software detects its presence or not.

Source :- https://zportable.com/how-can-we-use-eicar-test-file-with-mcafee-total-protection/


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