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Throughout our whole life, there are always a harder way or easier way to get things done.  Finding the right or best freelancing designer and developer is no exception.If you want to save yourself all the time and headaches, and get your desired partner immediately, here are two tips for you, that may be helpful.

1. Carefully preparing and outlining the project; and

2. Using trusted job portals that facilitate finding, managing and paying our freelancers.

The 1st point is quite obvious that a clear and detailed project instruction will have your freelancing designer and developer, who might have no idea of your business before, better understand your requirements, and ensure the qualified performance.

Therefore, one of the most obvious challenges we had to tackle, is figuring out how to hire, manage and pay our freelancers. Since we now live in a digital world, the most convenient as well as the most preferred way of finding the best freelancing designer and developer is to get a freelancers’ portal.

A good job portal shall offer you a good selection of qualified freelancers around the world; Trustworthy rating system so you can quickly eliminate those with poor ratings; Skill testing tools so you can get a good sense of whether a freelancer is qualified; Payment management tools so you can protect yourself with secured payments and only release payments when you’re satisfied with the completed work; Customer service reps that you can turn to if you have any disputes with your freelancer; Built-in staff management tool that allows you to track the hours your freelancer actually spent working on your project and also to create milestones for larger projects (not all job portals have this feature).

When you use a job portal that actually reduces the frustrations of managing a freelancer, it really makes the process a lot less painful and can save you a lot of time – so you can do other things that matter more to you.

Also, there are free or paid job search portals, with their different pros and cons. While generally speaking, a paid job portal will offer you extra security when hiring a freelancing designer and developer. And there is always a higher possibility to find the best freelancing designer and developer for your business here.


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