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For years, technology has been tending to make men’s life comfortable with innovative and new developments. These days, connecting multiple smart home devices and other apparatus with a single switch is the best economical way. If you want to go through a really high-tech, the Interfree Smart Switches is the best approach to go. They are highly demanded in Australia due to their eccentric designs and special features. Besides the capability to control lights, they can be desegregated with Alexa and manage other home apparatus, for instance, control the speed and mode of smart ceiling fans, examine the working of smart security cameras, control the movement of curtains, and much more. Unlike regular switches, you do not need an electrician or expert for electric work. You just have to follow some cautious steps to install a switch.

Easy Steps for Installing Smart Home Switches:

It’s utterly comprehensible if you want a valid authority to control your existing lights and bulbs remotely. But you do not wish to exchange your existing bulbs with smart bulbs. Then, what should you do in that case? You are highly recommended to buy a range of smart home switches in Australia. Fortunately, you can operate your regular light and other fixtures by just installing a smart light switch. You will never feel any dissatisfaction after having it! Let’s move ahead to look at some effortless steps of installation:

 Step#1: Open the Switch Glass Panel:

Before proceeding next, make sure the power is off to the switch located at the circuit breaker box. Once the power is off, it’s secure to proceed. Afterward, you have to open the switch panel. For this, you need a flat head screwdriver instead of any other. Usually, wall plates have a Snap-On panel that does not expose the screws. You have to be careful while opening its screws.

Step#2: Connect with Wire terminal:

How do you know the right terminal to connect the switch? For this purpose, you should examine the wiring. There must be several wires; Hotwires (line wire/ lead wire), Ground Wires, Traveler Wires, Neutral Wires, or maybe any other. To avoid any type of confusion, you should connect the wires to the correct terminal with the help of a wiring diagram.

Step#3: Install Smart Switch:

 After attaching the wires to their exact spot on the switch, push the extra lengthy wires back into the gang box and now you have to fasten the switch from different perspectives. You should secure the switch to the box either with help of screws or pins. Thus, the time will arrive to attach the wall plate. The same method will be applied to close it has opened.  

As you have done all the above effortless procedures, now it’s time to check out the functionality of the switch and its control in different attached devices. Try out the operation of switches but don’t forget to turn the power back On.

Step#4: Download the Smart Application:

After installation, there comes an exciting phase to set up the features. This step enhanced the distinction between a normal toggle switch and the smart switch. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy a lot of pleasures remotely. You can control all activities of your home appliances even from any place with the assistance of the Interfree App. This is no less than a boon of technology and sciences for laymen. Download the smart Interfree App by searching in the App Store or Google Play and explore its advanced features. 

Step#5: Try to scan the QR code:

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on smart devices. If you are unable to scanning you can get this app from Google play. Add your devices first that you want to control by the switch. But prefer to add those devices first that is near to switch. Follow the instruction from a manual guide for putting the switch in setup mode. Now you are officially able to control the switch with the app.

General Tips:

  • If you are not fully satisfied with the basic installing process or have any safety concerns, hire a licensed electrician instead of installing the smart switch yourself.
  • Don’t assume that the setup in all rooms or floors will not be the same. The wiring or installation method can vary from one place to another. 

Is Interfree Smart Switches available in different gangs as per demand? 

Do you need a different gang option switch that you didn’t find? Here Interfree smart switch has sorted out this query because it has launched its pensive designed switches that are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 gangs exclusively. You can select from this wide range that will according to your ease. Their attractive color and highly integrated designs would enhance the elegance of your home.

Summing Up:

If you are willing to have the smart switches be incompatible with your existing smart home appliances, like lights, bulbs, fan curtains, etc., so Interfree is the best way to fulfil your desire. Smart switches offer you increased control over your home with remote gadgets such as a smart App or voice assistant compatible devices. However, setting up smart switches needs a cautious assessment. Of course, it's your choice to install them by yourself or call an electrician.



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