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This blog is based on the technical article published by the technical id-KB68575 at McAfee. The article was last modified on July the 15th, 2020, so kindly keep on checking the updates for any new information.


McAfee is a user-affordable and powerful cybersecurity software used by people all around the world. McAfee’s name in the information security industry is famous because of its solutions that it offers at a very economical expense.

McAfee was formerly known as McAfee Associates, Inc. It was formerly a subsidiary of Intel; however, it has partially parted ways with the tech giant (but the latter still possesses a 49% stake in the company) and currently is headquartered at the Santa Clara location in California.

Some fundamental features of McAfee system security are-cyber threat detection, primitive identity theft detection software, mobile security, parental controls, antivirus software specially designed for gamers, VPN coverage, auto-clean, automatic updates, protection against file defectors and malwares, multiple application security, instant scanning for threats, etc.

In this blog, we are going to specifically focus on the procedure to manually initiate the installation process of engine updates for VirusScan. All the information written in this article is courtesy of a tech article published at McAfee. If you want to access it, log on to https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB68575

Procedure to Manually Install Engine Updates for VirusScan?       

The following information comes under the environment of (VSE) 8.x. If you wish to check out (VSE)8.x supported environment, kindly proceed to check out the tech article provided with the hyperlink-KB51111 in the link stated above.

First of all, you need to figure out whether your Windows is a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system. The installation processes for both systems are provided here. Kindly proceed to follow them according to the specifications of your system.

Installation Procedure for 32-bit Windows

Stop McAfee: 1) Hit on the start button. Then, go to All Programs. Locate the icon of McAfee. Then, proceed to click on VirusScan console.

2) Hover the cursor over the option titled “Access Protection.” Hit on the right-click button. Then click on “Properties.”

3) Allow the system to allow the McAfee operation to be stopped. Then, click on the “Ok” button.

Download the Required Files: 1) Initiate the download process of the Engine package with specifications 5×00 or eP05x00eng.zip.

2) Initiate the extraction process for the content present in engmin.zip in eP05x00eng.zip.

3) Copy the data to a momentary location. For instance, you can use-c:/5x00temp1.

Halt the McShield service: 1) Hit on the Start button. Then, click on the run command. Launch service. msc.

2) Hover the cursor over the icon of McAfee McShield. Hit on the Stop button.

Manually Initiate the Installation Procedure: 1) Copy all the data from the momentary folder you had created. And paste it in the VSE folder of the engine.

2) Then, click on the McAfee McShield icon. Then, hit on the Start button.

Allow Windows to Continuously Run the McAfee Software: 1) Go to Start. Then, to the All Programs. Then, click on the McAfee icon. Then, on Virus Console.

2) Then, you need to hit on Access Protection and proceed to select the “Properties” option.

3) Allow Window to prevent the McAfee software from being halted at any time in the future. Proceed to click on the “Ok” button.

Installation Procedure for 64-bit Windows

Stop McAfee: This procedure is the same as 32-bit windows. So, follow the steps written above.

Download the Package: Here, there is a slight change.

1) Download the Engine package with the specification 5×00 or ePO5x00eng.zip.

2) Now, apart from engmin.zip, you also need to extract engmin64.zip from the package.

3) After extraction, copy and paste two files into two different folders.

Halt the McShield Service: This process is same as the one described for the 32-bit installation. So, kindly refer to that.

Initiate the Manual Installation of the Files: 1) Copy the content from the extracted folder to the installed address (32-bit).

2) Copy the content from the extracted folder to the newly created installed location. (64-bit).

3) Start the McAfee McShield, and then hit on the “Start” option.

4) Terminate the service window.

Allow Windows to Continuously Run the McAfee Software: This process is the same as the one described for 32-bit windows. So, kindly refer to that.


To download, install, and activate McAfee software, create a user id at McAfee. If you wish to manually install the engine updates for the VirusScan, follow the above steps.

Source :- https://zportable.com/how-can-you-manually-install-engine-updates-for-virusscan/


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