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How can You Protect Yourself Against a Push Dagger Trainer?

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The push dagger trainers provide excellent blade control, a stronger grip, and hand conveniences at ease. This training blade comes with a belt clip-attached multi-carry option nylon fibre belt sheath. You may practise your combative moves in a comparatively secure environment. The training knife's dimensions and weight are identical to those of the real SCHF54 Full tang push dagger trainers. Yet it has blunt and no sharp edges.  


This is a push dagger, the blade is, for the most part, approximately one or two inch length, and the handle which rests on the palm, it rests across your index and the middle fingers. These blades conceal ability and quickness of attack are what make them lethal.  First, you will get slashed and stabbed at least a few times if someone ambushes you with this device. However, if the knife is present and you are aware of it, you have the opportunity to react. The best course of action is, first and foremost, to run, as fast as you can.


Because distance is your strongest line of defence against a push dagger, get away as soon as you can. Let's assume though that you are compelled to fight after being besieged. The push dagger is an extremely efficient and lethal close combat weapon because the blade adjusts to the speed of the attackers attacks, so the attacker only needs to apply enough force for the blade to do it's work. I wouldn't advise engaging while unarmed. 


However, as I already stated, distance is your best ally. Any object will do, such a chair, a stick, a garbage can lid, or a trash lid. Put something between you and the knife by utilising anything substantial. Or, if it's a little anything, like a rock or a bottle, toss it at the person to divert their attention and create a space for you to escape. For instance, if you were to throw a rock, while the target tried to avoid it, you should have rushed forward to push the target and flee the area. 


However, you will be compelled to engage if you find yourself in the desperate scenario of being surrounded with no way out and no weapon to employ. You'll be wounded, and you are being stabbed, yet you must take a chance on getting hurt to live or die. 


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