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Bitdefender is one of the top antivirus programs which is known for best Windows security. Bitdefender antivirus has various top and advanced tools which keep your device fully protected from all the malicious threats. Bitdefender antivirus is available for Windows, Android as well as for Mac and iOS devices. Bitdefender antivirus also offers a freeware for mobile devices. It has the basic security features to keep your device protected from viruses and other threats. If you want premium tools then you can easily upgrade your antivirus to premium plans. Bitdefender antivirus offers you tools according to your device specifications and requirements.

 This antivirus has a robust interface that can provide you safety at every condition. But some people get a few errors while using Bitdefender antivirus. Error 10002 is one of the most common error 1002 eported by many Bitdefender users. This error appears when you are trying to access a suspicious URL. Whenever Bitdefender detects any suspicious URL or link; it immediately blocks the internet connection to ensure that no hacker or malware can enter the network. But sometimes it detects the safe URL as suspicious and blocks the network. In this case, you can temporarily disable Bitdefender. But you should access that file only if you are sure that the file is safe otherwise you may get into a loss.  

Disabling Bitdefender protection modules

Bitdefender antivirus provides various protection features like advanced scan, antispam, antispyware, safe files, etc. You can disable these features temporarily or permanently according to your need.

Disabling Bitdefender Shield:

  1. Click on Bitdefender icon 
  2. Bitdefender dashboard will appear on the screen
  3. Now click on Settings
  4. Go to the Shield
  5. Now turn Off Bitdefender Shield by toggling the switch 
  6. Hit the Ok button

Disable the Bitdefender shield until the system restarts. Once you access the file then restart your device and the Bitdefender shield will automatically get enabled. 

Disabling Bitdefender Scans:

Bitdefender provides various scanning features. If you want to access a file from an external device like a flash drive. Then you have to disable the drives and devices scan. Bitdefender scans every peripheral device before loading it. If your flash device contains any suspicious content then Bitdefender antivirus will not load the flash drive. If you want to access the drive then follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Bitdefender dashboard
  2. Click on Drives and Devices
  3. Go to the drop-down menu
  4. Now select Scan CD & DVD, Scan Flash Drives, and Scan mapped network drives option
  5. Press the Disable button
  6. Hit the OK button

Now you can easily access the flash drive. Once you get the file you want to access then immediately remove the flash drive and enable the Bitdefender scans.

Disabling Bitdefender Firewall:

Bitdefender firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic. If any malicious data packets are trying to enter the network then Bitdefender immediately blocks the network. If you want to access a file that is blocked by the Bitdefender firewall then you have to disable the firewall temporarily and then access the file easily. Follow the given steps for disabling Bitdefender firewall:

  1. Open Bitdefender dashboard
  2. Go to protection tab
  3. Click on the Firewall module
  4. Now toggle the module to Off
  5. Press the OK button

Choose a time span for restarting the firewall. Once you access the file then immediately turn on the firewall. Bitdefender firewall keeps you safe from various potential threats. 

Disabling Advanced Threat Defense:

  1. Click on Bitdefender icon from the screen
  2. Go to Bitdefender dashboard
  3. Now click on Protection tab
  4. Go to Advanced Threat Defense 
  5. Toggle the switch to disabled
  6. Press the OK button

Disabled Bitdefender Privacy:

  1. Open Bitdefender dashboard
  2. Go to Wallet
  3. Toggle the button to Off
  4. Click on Settings 
  5. Go to Video & Audio Protection
  6. Hit the Off button

Now disable Microphone, anti-tracker, VPN, parental advisor tools. Once you access the file or URL then make sure to enable all the protection features of Bitdefender antivirus.


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