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Sailing can be fun but what can enhance the fun is if you own the boat you are sailing. Thus we present the boat registration process in PA. The process is very similar to car registration. We will talk about new registrations as well as renewals. Get ready to sail on this journey.

Boat Registration PA

For permanent registration, the initial step is to write an Application for Boat Registration PA. Mail the finished application and important supporting reports, with installment, to the Commission. When handled, the Commission will send an enlistment or title alongside an approval certificate. However, you also have an option to get a transitory enlistment. The application form that you have mailed temporarily becomes the registration card. Brief enrollments are given at Commission district workplaces, allowing one to legally own a boat until the permanent registration is under process. This work can be done for you by auto tag service providers. Pennsylvania auto tags agencies are enormous in number, and you can approach anyone. 

Boat Renewals

Boat enlistments are recharged on a 2-year cycle and lapse on March 31 of the second year. The Commission will send a recharging card to the enlisted proprietor of the boat before lapse. Renewals can be done in two ways – Mailing the finished renewed card along with payment or continuing by visiting the official website of the Commission – HuntFishPA. Again, Pennsylvania auto tags services help with registration and renewals as well. 

For car registration renewal PA commission also has a similar rule.  

Now, we will look at the essential documents for boat registration PA

Application for a boat enlistment for another boat or a pre-owned boat that was not recently enrolled in the Commonwealth need to fill in the forms provided by the Commission mentioning details like –

  • The name, postage information, home location, telephone number, district, and postal division of the proprietor. Assuming more than one proprietor, the primary proprietor will be recorded first.
  • The State enlistment number
  • The details of an earlier owner
  • Model and year fabricated, whenever known. 
  • The sort of impetus, for example, detachable, inboard sterndrive, etc. Other details about the boat like its length, material built with, the kind of fuel it consumes, etc. 
  • The usage of the boat must also be specified, i.e., whether it is used for living purposes or commercial purposes. 
  • Tax-related information

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For Registration Of A Boat That Has Been Already Enlisted, There Is A Different Set Of Requirements

A different kind of form is to be filled with the signatures of the registered owner and the new buyer. If the enrolled proprietor of a boat to be moved is expired, the owner's agent (agent/overseer) is required to sign. A bill of the offer, endorsed by the last enlisted proprietor, might also be filled in for the expected mark. 

Whenever a candidate looks to enlist a boat having a lapsed enrollment and the previous enlisted proprietor has not marked the structure or bill of the offer because the candidate isn't the vender of the boat, the Commission will, before handling the enrollment application, tell the last enlisted proprietor at his most recent location that the candidate is trying to enroll the boat. 

Assuming the previously enrolled proprietor asserts a possession interest in the boat and has a problem with the exchange of the enlistment to the candidate, the Commission will concede further handling until the gatherings settle the proprietorship issues through laid out standard cycles.

All this process requires efforts from both the parties and the Commission. The PA commission has a proper layout and structure for boat registration and car registration renewal PA summarized above.


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